Excerpt from Maykin (1888, time of the Ripper Murders)

The bus driver had the floor.  He clicked the reins and as the horses started he continued.

    “Charlie Cross the carman, as lives in Bethnal Green, says he and another cove found ‘er an at first, he just thought it was a piece o’ tarpaulin, but he jes had a feelin about it an wen he went over to look proper – there she was lyin in the gutter dead as could be.  Was him and the bloke wot call the watch.”

     “Well I heerd that her skirts was all pulled up an she was a layin in a most indecent fashion.”  Said one marm with a basket of eggs held most carefully on her lap.

     “An that goes to show wot type of wumman she were for no decent Christian would be caught dead in such a way.”  added another self righteous matron who they all recognized as a staunch chapel goer.

     “You wimmin are the mosht hard hearted creetursh,” interposed an old toothless man who smelled of cows, manure and cows, “Sheems to me ash if she didn’t have no shay bout the way she died.”

     “No she didn’t!”  This from a sharp faced, underfed, overworked young woman with three hungry looking children and about six months along with a fourth.  “And you wantta know why she didn’t?  Because he was a stinkin man who had got wot he wanted an’ wasn’ gen’l’man enuff  ta pay her arterward but cut her throat instead, so don’t you go a talkin of us wimmin.”

     “Thas’ right!  You tell im muh girl.  Thas all these men are good for anyhow.  Like I tell my man this mornin’ when I hears about that poor soul, ‘It’s wretches like you’, I says, ‘Who causes decent god fearin wimmin to go astray.’”

     “Well accordin ta Charlie, the talk from some o’ the people around the body was that she used to be quite respectable at one time.  Bin married to a printer who dressed like a toff an lived like one, but ran off with the woman who came to live in so as to take care of his wife when she ad their last brat.”

     “See?”  From the pregnant underfed, “You all see?  Wot did I say?  Din’t I say they’re no good?  Here it is she is ‘avin is child an’ he runs off with not jes’ another wumman, but the wumman wot come to ‘elp is Wife, ‘ave ‘is chile.  I ask you.  I ask you!”

     By this time the bus was full and well on its way to the city, with, all who climbed aboard adding comments pro and con, concerning Mary Ann Nichols conduct in life and stance in dea/th.

     Maykin and Nollie rode, on listening much but saying little, and when they finally alighted they each thought how interesting it was to drive on a bus from the suburbs into the city.

*    *    *    *



Shua 2325 B.C.—1625 B.C.


Excerpt from Shua:


What he did not see was the stranger, after bumping into him, touch his head lightly but swiftly and lay him gently down. 

     As he did this the figure with the bundle up ahead spun; and the bundle of flax disappeared; he was in full battle dress and in seconds had looped his body over Shem’s in a protective stance.

     Shem’s stranger also spun to face the bushes on the opposite side of the road and the change in him was a thing of beauty. 

     The two Nephilim were stepping out of the bushes as he was rushing in.   He carried them back in with him.

     “You Uzai (velocity of the Lord)?!!”   Screamed Nekeb.

     “And Zithri (protection of the Lord) !!!” Screamed Zalaph looking at the angel bending over Shem.

     “What are you two doing down here?” demanded Zalaph as they rapidly dropped their giant human forms at the edge of the bushes where they were trying to dash across at Shem.

     “Father sent us to protect His child.”

     “Protect!  Protect!  Instead of taking him to be sacrificed we’ll kill him now if we have to!”

     Uzai smiled, pulled out his sword in one swift move and swung, “In the name of our God, we do valiantly!”

     It tore off Zalaph‘s left arm and slammed him against Nekeb with such force that both their bodies went screaming through the air.  3600 gardu (two leagues) later they managed to apply brakes and came flying back, while their curses echoed for miles around.  Because they were in such a rage, they didn’t notice Uzai again flying toward them with all speed, his sword stretched sideways. 

     “Who is God save the Lord?” He asked, putting the question to the world at large. 

     None answered. 

     As Nekeb saw the sword headed straight for his throat, and his throat headed for it, he did a double-dip-desperate-dive, mouth wide in a ghastly grin of horror and pulled Zalaph in front of him with a death grip, causing Zalaph‘s head to roll off instead.  For Zalaph it meant chains of darkness for sure, with no bail before, or parole after sentencing.

     Seeing this, Nekeb then tried to escape, but that was his undoing. Uzai overtook him swiftly, and flying above him, swung down with a powerful blow.  It cleaved him in half from the top of his head straight through to the place where two thighs met.  He joined his ‘friend’ in the chains of darkness.  He heard Zalaph cursing before he fully arrived.

     “Forever Oh Lord, Thy word is settled in Heaven!”  Was the joyful triumphant sound that rang on the evening air, as Uzai floated down for a perfect landing beside Zithri and Shem.


*   *   *   *


     The stranger was now holding out his hand to Shem; now brushing him off; now commiserating with him.

     “What happened?” asked Shem in bewilderment.

     “Something in the bush made me jump.”  Said the stranger.

     “Told you I was glad of your company because I don’t particularly like this part of the road!”

     “I see what you mean.”  replied the stranger as they set off.   “I tell you what, I’ll call out to that young man up ahead with the bundle of flax on his back.  I’m probably going farther than you are anyway, and I can have him for company after you stop off.  Hie!  Young man.  Wait for us please.



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I’n (I’m Not Going To) Ganh Hang Taday!

     There are people worldwide who have always wished that they could take a vacation, but was always unable to.

     There are those who are able to, but know very little about the place except for the usual tourist routes and attractions.

     There are natives of those places who know virtually nothing of the really exciting things that happened in their own surroundings except for what is in the history books.  DULL!

     Do you know that your great-great-grandparents, great-great- granduncles, aunts, cousins, etc. lived history?  What were they doing on such and such a day?  Washing?  Cooking lima beans with rice and fried fish?  Washing a little brother’s hands?  At prayer meeting?  Fixing a wheel off the wagon?

     There are excerpts of stories of Nassau in the Bahamas the time slot will be from the 1800’s to the mid 1900’s.  They will deal mostly with the eastern end of the island, namely up St. Anne’s way and over Fox Hill.  The people of the stories are White, Black, Jewish, Indian, British, Irish, Scottish, and any other nationality you care to name, sometimes a mixture of several, or all of the above.  Therefore some of the stories will be set in another place eg. 1880’s with Jack the Ripper.

     My mother was five years old and living in the same household when her great-great-grandmother died.  The gr-gr-grandmother was one hundred and twenty one.

     This gr-gr-grandmother brought up her grandchild, (my mother’s grandmother) and she lived in the same household with me until she died when I was twenty-one.  So some of the stories that were passed down from my family members on both sides actually, are the things I write of now.  Names changed for obvious reasons.  All of the stories are true.

     These stories cover every topic.

     Homemade birth control for the poor.  a woman who believed in the powers of her obeah (witchcraft) enough to declare to all and sundry from the gallows at the hanging field by St. Matthews church that she will not hang.

     And so on.

     The stories will have dialect included, with explanations, in order for readers to understand the real flavor of Bahamian life.



  “Let we sit here on duh wall one minute Leevia,’ said Noramae, “Uh gatty ketch mase’f.”

 Edith, Leevia and Noramae had been to the clinic in Free Town for check-ups because they were all pregnant.  They were walking back and Noramae felt as if she must really sit on the wall at the entrance of Johnson Road before she tried to ‘pull’ that hill.

  The ‘govmint’ pump was at one end of the low wall and they all took turns pushing the button down and holding out their hands to splash the water on their faces.

  “Duh doctor say I have high blood pressure,” said Noramae, “I gatty cut down on duh salt.”

  “Well my blood kina low, so you gat high blood and I gat low.  We shoulda bin able tuh mix up duh two.

  They laughed at this sally.

  “Lord you is somtin’ else Edit,” said Leevia.

  After a few minutes, they headed up the Eastern Road while Noramae ‘pulled’ Johnson Road hill.  On the crest of the hill as she rounded the curve, Miss Brown was just about to come down her steps.

  ‘Boy Miss Brown house look so cool how it buil’ outta wood an’ so high up offa duh groun’; an dah big porch go straight roun’,’ she thought.

  “Goine out eh Miss Brown?” she called.

  “Yes dahlin’.  Goine by Garn tuh carry sometin’.”

  “Oh.  We could walk tagedda den.”

  Finally Noramae got home and barely waiting to push the door to she started stripping off her clothes.

  Her clothes closet was a piece of string running through about two yard of chintz; then up on the wall at the foot of the bed and tied at each end onto a nail.  As she pushed the cloth aside to take a hanger down in order to hang up her clothes, a large black bat flew from among the clothes and straight into her face.

  The neighbors heard her give one long horrible scream, then silence.

  Quick as a flash, whilst running with everyone else toward Noramae’s house, a neighbor remembered seeing Phira jump over the partition that parted the house that Phira and Noramae rented.  Phira had neglected to close the door of her half of the house and as a result of this the neighbor saw her jumping back over from Noramae’s side.  The neighbor didn’t pay much attention at the time because she was trying to pick in some clothes off the line and had to run quickly to catch her baby before he fell off the porch.

  Now as she got to the door of the house and tried to peep between the women in front of her she remembered something else.

  “Noramae an’ Phira doon’h speak,” she said turning her face to the person next to her in surprise.

  “Tha’s true!” replied the woman.

  “I see Phira jumpin’ over Noramae partition taday while Noramae was to duh clennic an’ dey doon’h speak!”

  “Wot she was doin’ over in Noramae side a duh house den?” asked someone.

  Before she could answer someone in front yelled, “Noramae dead!  Call duh Red Cross!”

  “Gal stop talkin’ fool!  You sure she’enh faint?”

  “Oh!  Lord! Looka duh big black bat!”

  “Well das wot kill her!  You know how much she scared o’ bat?”

  “Dat bat een’h (didn’t) cam’ in hyah (here) by hissef,” yelled the neighbor pushing her way through, “Phira put him in hyah.  I see her jumpin’ over the partition from Noramae side bafor’ Noramae cam’ hoom.”

  “Way she is?” asked someone.

  But Phira was nowhere to be found.



      *       *       *       *       *

During the time that the trial was on feelings ran high.

  The verdict was ‘Guilty of Murder’ and Phira was sentenced to ‘hang by the neck until dead’.

  The day that was set for the execution dawned bright and clear, and everyone who wanted to watch gathered early on the Eastern Parade grounds across from St. Matthews Church.

      But Phira, although still in her cell, had made up her mind that she wouldn’t hang. All the women in the yard where she lived had turned out in full force at her trial.  She knew that none of them liked her; most of them were afraid of her and a few of them were terrified of her.

     She stood up and began to pace.  In another half hour the priest Griffith, from St. Anne’s, the hangman and other officials would be along to escort her to the hanging field opposite the graveyard of St. Matthew’s church.

     “But dis one woman who dainh gonh (they ain’t; they aren’t going to) hang taday!  I done do my tings.”

     She sat on the narrow bunk and stared at the wall opposite as her mind went back to the weeks that led up to the present.  She had been ostracized by the women of the yard and had the support of very few familyand  lodge members; but dat was awright, cos she know how tuh prateck hersef.  Anyway, Noramae deserved to die if she died just because a bat flew in her face.

     The day Noramae died was the day of Anh Lera’s funeral so she hid in the bushes until the yard was quiet for the night.  At ten o’clock that night she went out south to the cornfield (the name given to the graveyard where paupers and non-church goers were buried) and cut off Anh Lera’s left hand because

Joe  the hangman was left handed. 

     She had seen someone over on the south west corner of the grave yard as she went in, but he had his business to attend to and she had hers.  Besides, he couldn’t tell anyone he saw her in the graveyard because they would want to know what he was doing there at that hour.

    Lord!  She felt so tired! Let her get a rest before these people come.  She could think just as well lying down.

     Phira severed the arm from the shoulder and placing it under her arm took it home with her.  She then took the jar of goat’s blood that she’d gotten from the slaughter house that morning to do obeah for someone with and smeared some over her left arm, then dipped the arm of the dead man in the same, chanting these words at the same time.

Dis’ han is dead

Doonh (don’t) have no power

Joe han’ will be dead

At duh hangin’ hour.


     A handful of flour and  kerosene oil was mixed together and taking up the kerosene concoction, a bottle of Taffia rum, six candles with some materials and the bloody arm Phira once more made her way to the graveyard.

     Back to Anh Lera’s grave she rested the items on the grave, surrounded them with the candles and lit the candles.  After that it was time to invoke the powers of the Yoruba god EXU SKULL who lies in wait at the graveyard entrance.  There followed a chant and then a request that lasted about ten minutes; a request that the hangman’s arm be paralyzed at the moment that the rope should be pulled.

     Dirt was then taken out of the grave, the items placed inside and the dirt replaced.  Walking out of the graveyard gate backwards she bumped into a man who was doing the same thing.  Startled, they each looked into the face of the other.  Black Sue!  So that’s who was over in the corner all the while.  Without saying a word to each other they both hurried off to their separate ways. 

They knew the rules!

     When she got back home that night she set out for Contabutta in order to stay with her con (cousin) Nydas for a while ‘til things cooled down.  Besides, con Nydas was a Lodge sister too.

    However, when she came back home, she found that the police were looking for her and now there she was; in jail – for murder.  For all the murders she did do – by obeah – she remained free; for a mistake, she was in danger of hanging.

    Phira sighed and turned restlessly.  Well, she had done what she knew.  Any minute now they should be coming to take her to the hanging field and she’d see if see if what her ma taught her would work.


*   *   *   *  *


     As they approached the area of St. Matthew’s church, they could see scores of people all along the road, on the graveyard wall and all over the field.  There were carriages; horse and drays; donkey drawn carts; women with baskets on their heads who would be on their way to town to sell their wares after it was all over; urchins who had heard of hangings, but never actually seen one and in short all and sundry.

     The priest, policemen, prison officials and hangman formed a phalanx on either side of her.  She looked at the western end of the field where the gallows stood and as the priest intoned the first verse of the 51st psalm, they slowly started on that long walk toward it as whispers broke out on every side.

     “Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness; according to the multitude of Thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions.”

     “Look at ‘er!  She look like she doon’h (don’t) even cyah!

     “She too wicked!  She was supposed tuh hang long time!”

     “I tell yinna I see when she jump ower duh partition dat day!”

     Phira turned and looked full in the face of Annie, her neighbor.  Then verse 4.

    ‘Against Thee, Thee only, have I sinned and done this evil in Thy sight: That Thou mightiest be justified when Thou speakest, and clear when Thou judgest’.

     “An’ alla dat obeah she like ta do on people turn back on ‘er now.”

     Triumphantly, “Les’ see ‘er get outta dis!”

Verse 11. ‘Cast me not away from Thy presence; and take not Thy Holy Spirit from me.’

  “I gonh show dem sometin’ taday,” vowed Phira as she mounted the gallows steps.

Verse 14. ‘Deliver me from blood guiltiness, Oh! God of my salvation: and my tongue shall sing aloud of Thy salvation…’and on to the 19th verse.

  “Does the prisoner have any last words?” Phira was asked as the noose was placed around her neck.

  For a few seconds there was silence as the crowd leaned forward expectantly to hear the condemned’s last words of confession or contrition.

  “YINNA (you all) HURRY UP AN’ DO WHAT YINNA GATTY (have to) DO!  I GATTY GO HOOM IN TIME TUH FEED MY CHICKENS!” were the words that rang out on the early morning air.

  There was a united gasp from officials and spectators.

  For sheer unadulterated gall – Phira took the cake.

  “May God have mercy on your soul,” said Father Griffith fervently as Joe covered her face with the white hood.

  A hush fell over the crowd as Joe adjusted the hood, then reaching up he grabbed the rope to give it a mighty pull.  They saw his body tensed; saw the look of purpose on his face; saw him begin to pull until the slack was taken out of the rope and Phira was on very tippy toe; saw Phira lifted a foot off the ground; then saw the look of surprise take the place of the look of purpose on Joe’s face; saw also when his hands went slack, which meant the rope went slack.

    Phira dropped back to the ground and lay there stunned for a moment.  For that moment no one moved.

  Then, Bedlam!

  Because the law says a person can’t be hung twice and because technically Phira was hung, when all the hue and cry had died down she was free – upon which she stepped calmly off the platform and made her way through the crowd stating that she did say she had to go home in time to feed her chickens. 













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Shua 2325 B.C.-1625 B.C.

It took a year but I finally wrote my second book and it is now available on amazon kindle.  This book features the life of a young girl who becomes the wife of Shem, son of Noah and tells of her adventures!  It also gives insight into the lives of the Nephilim (fallen angels).

You can purchase this ebook and download kindle for pc.  Here is the link for the free download.


And here is the link to my book!


For those of you in the Bahamas who already bought and read ‘Fox Hill Parade’ I have it in ebook style as well.  Happy reading and God bless!

Riprendere le vostre merci rubate. Win Uw Buit terug.

SENTIRLO! ciò è una chiamata in tutto il mondo ai cristiani internazionalmente da associarsi ad una settimana della preghiera per liberazione da alcune delle forze demonic più mortali.

Queste forze stanno designando il dio come bersaglio che teme la gente e particolarmente gli operai, gli ufficiali di legge, gli operai di governo e la gente medici nell’autorità in un modo avventato ed estremamente implacabile.

Esther ha dovuto richiedere un veloce da tutta la gente del dio perché Satan ha usato Haman per progettare l’annientamento di tutta la gente del dio. Ma Mordecai ha detto Esther che è stata venuta al regno per un tempo come questo. E così era. Così era.

Ora a questo tempo, ogni bambino del dio, per un tempo come questo.

In ogni posto di lavoro, in ogni posizione, ci è la gente la maggior parte della malvagità. La maggior parte di questa gente, se non tutta, affare nel fascino. Si troverebbero, rubano, assassinano, distruggeva e fanno niente altro che volessero se nessun arresti loro. dalla tolleranza di Yashua (Jesus) lo arrestiamo. Esther ha fatto. Così ha fatto Deborah (capitolo dei giudici 4).

Sono una donna e li dico che ora la maggior parte di questa gente è femmine e poichè sappiamo, sono il più mortale della specie.

Ho veduto la collera Heathen, gli angeli intervengono e camminata di morte.
Ho veduto -:
Uno spirito entra nella mia casa da una finestra superiore ed uccide il mio gatto perché non potrebbe ucciderlo o le mie due figlie.

Una ragazza incinta che era una strega e di cui la famiglia ha una storia di fascino, prossima alle mie entrate principali a tre in punto di mattina con uno scorrimento rapido antiquato può riempito di due tipi di imbalsamazioni del misto fluido con fascino. Lo ha spruzzato attraverso le crepe intorno al portello. Ciò era i cinque giorni dopo che ho avuto un sogno che lo farebbe.

Una donna, una strega che è stata impiegata per mettere il fascino ad angolo della mia casa in cui la mia camera da letto ha incontrato la mia camera da letto delle figlie. Al suo chargin, la ho intercettata. Inutile per dire là era turbine di neve dell’eccitamento.

Un coven o le streghe si è incontrata per trasmettere gli alcoolici dopo ogni maschio che è venuto a costruire la mia casa o a lavorare in mia iarda. I miei derivati ed io la abbiamo conclusa su costruzione noi stessi. E come Nehemiah, abbiamo dovuto lavorare con le nostre spade del `’ dai nostri lati. Stiamo scrivendo un libro.

Fino a che non capiamo e riconosciamo che cosa stavano facendo e pregato contro di esso, rimprovare anche, la maggior parte degli uomini hanno morto le morti più orrende e più insolite.

Non avevo dormito mai con chiunque fino a che non sposassi il mio marito. Anche se ha conosciuto questo lo ha creduto ed ha lanciato quando sono andato a casa forma gli S.U.A. per costruire la nostra casa perché qualcuno ha iniziato a dire tutto che stavo avendo un affare con un ragazzo di diciassette anni. Ho scritto un gioco serio reale circa questo. Dalla tolleranza del God sarà promulgato vicino alla conclusione dell’anno.

Avete uno stepparent? Il mio patrigno che era predicatore del predicatore mi ha avuto una prova di forza con l’un giorno in cui le cose sono venuto ad una testa. Non ha avuto questo confronto come predicatore, ma come strega. Mi ha detto questo al mio fronte (un maschio che è più profondo in fascino che uno stregone o uno stregone è denominato una strega.) Ed era così indiretto ha fatto ad ogni cristiano del `coven’ dalla sua congregazione da un lato e dal membro di suo d’altro canto. Lo ha avuto egli stesso coperto… ha pensato. Leggere il libro per vedere la sua estremità.

Dovete leggere il libro quando ho rifinito scriverlo per capire appena che cosa cristiani siamo in su contro. I mariti, i fratelli, i figli, cugini maschii, impiegati maschii sono designati da queste streghe femminili tutto tempo per divorarle come Jezabel il harlot/strega. Le streghe maschii lo designano come bersaglio per distruggerelo.

La mia sorella e la nostra zia compartecipi ed appartamento in una zona bella del codice categoria centrale superiore. Una bella giovane donna fra le età di 26 e 27 anni ha vissuto di sotto con il suo marito e due piccoli bambini belli. Il marito era fra trenta e trenta un anno, sguardo sottile e piacevole e molto mite; ma qualcosa era molto errato. Potrebbe sedersi tutto il giorno soltanto in un angolo con la sua chitarra sul suo giro e fissare avanti diritto. La sua moglie ha dovuto alimentarla, lo bagna, lo conduce alla stanza da bagno ecc.

Uno sguardo di quando in quando fitto e trasandato, donna con una protezione sulla sua testa tir suare in iarda ed entrerebbe nell’appartamento della giovane coppia. Questa donna camminerebbe dentro e prenderebbe il marito dalla mano per condurrla fuori all’automobile. La moglie tirerebbe lui, gridando e la sua madre aiuterebbe il suo tiro, urlante tutto l’istante. Una lotta allora seguirebbe, con lo sguardo scrubby, cattivo, sporco, trasandato, tarchiato, protezione che porta Jezabel che li batte entrambi, dopo di che lo condurrebbe fuori all’automobile, lo ha messo dentro ed elimina. Alcuni giorni più successivamente lo restituirebbe. Stava mantenendolo in quella condizione delle zombie da fascino. ORA CAPITE PERCHÉ DOBBIAMO COMBATTERE PER IL RILASCIO DEL NOSTRO MAKLES? È più duro pregare del gridare sopra loro in una bara? Quello è l’obiettivo prova di questa gente per; morte. Che cosa dobbiamo perdere da combattimento?

La donna due ha provato qualcosa di simile con il mio fratello. Uno un americano il Texas, negli S.U.A. ed uno un Bahamian in Bahamas. Per dispetto puro contro di me, perché gli ho detto era errata, lei ha provato a defamate il mio carattere dei mariti.

Ho digiunatoed allora ho pregato lungamente tutta la notte per due notti di seguito. Un angelo quasi la ha uccisa e sulla terza notte era in modo da terrorizzato perché ha conosciuto che cosa accadrebbe quella notte che lo ha denominato mentre il sole stava regolando e sinceramente che ha elemosinato il perdono. Ora è un cristiano. Allora con quello secondo in Bahamas ho pregato ancora alla notte in cui “falleth di sonno profondo sugli uomini.„ Ho chiesto al dio di togliere la sua mente per una stagione, quindi di ristabilire la sua mente e di portarlo sè. E l’OH! Ha tolto la sua bugia h e di mente ha fatto Nebuchadnezzar. Ogni volta che è venuto ai suoi sensi ed ha ottenuto il mio fratello alloggia la sua mente andrebbe da una donna di carriera dritta e prosperosa, diventerebbe un idiota tremante, allora un maniac raving. Si è arrestata. Che cosa appalls me è che queste femmine vanno dopo questi uomini come gli animali più bassi il a temperatura elevata. NON LASCIARLO prendere e finalmente distruggeree i vostri maschi.

Ogni maschio che ha aperto la tabella è santo al signore.

Per quanto riguarda la persona che è venuto dopo il mio cugino. È in uno dei miei libri. La persona chi è venuto dopo il mio marito? Caro me! È in un libro speciale. Questi libri saranno pubblicati ad una data ulteriore, dal potere di Yahweh. (Jehovah)

Segretarie. Le mie figlie sono andato dare allora uno dei nostri libri al ministro per la gioventù, gli sport e la coltura che il PLP era in ufficio. La segretaria che li ha riconosciuti (li conoscono) informati loro in un modo molto maleducato che era fuori dall’isola. Non sarebbe indietro per alcuni giorni. Ho detto loro di andare indietro all’interno e di attendere. Sono andato indietro all’interno e si sono seduti nell’ufficio esterno. La segretaria ha detto molto maleducato, `perché siete ancora tutti qui? Non lo ho detto non sono sull’isola?’
Hanno sorriso dolce, `che attenderemo’. poco dopo ha camminato dentro, osservando molto stanco. Eravamo insieme alla scuola della st Anne ed ha riconosciuto le mie ragazze immediatamente. I suoi occhi si sono illuminati in su.
`Che lo aspetta?’ ha chiesto.
Il signore del `sì’ ha detto le ragazze. Ed hanno lasciato la segretaria là e sono entrato in suo ufficio. Lo stesso ministro ha approvato una concessione per il nostro primo libro perché è rientrato in coltura. Il sig. __________ P.S. del ministero ha detto che stava scrivendo il controllo per un terzo di quantità. E questo tipo di cosa è accaduto con ogni ministro che abbiamo provato mai a metterci in contatto con. I servi strut intorno come i piccoli nonentities che cercano il riconoscimento. Così qualunque cosa il partito il ministro appartenga a, necessariamente non sta ignorandoli. Non ha ottenuto il vostro messaggio.

Il lavoro?
Quando la mia figlia funzionata agli affari esteri esso era esperta guerra.
Ha cominciato quando la segretaria permanente ha cominciato ad inseguirla. Che cosa per io non ha saputo. L’un giorno ero nel deposito di alimento che comunico con signora quando ho ritenuto un colpetto colpire sulla mia spalla. Mi sono girato ed osservato dentro verso il fronte del P. recentemente nominato S. Ha indicato vago nel senso della frutta su esposizione. Sciocco. I due chi erano segretarie permanenti prima che lei fosse donne da osservare in su a, ma le cose che sono accaduto loro allineare’ stavano sconvolgendo e da questo mondo’!

Alcune settimane dopo che la persecuzione ha iniziato contro la mia figlia. Questo stesso P.S. ha denominato nella polizia per interrogare la mia figlia su una carica che il P.S. trumped in su. Il P.S. era accusing lei di inviare via fax la regina dell’Inghilterra con un messaggio religioso. Detto voi era sciocca. Uno dei poliziotti era un cristiano e un signore perfetto. L’altro non era. L’altro stava facendo tutto il tormentare. Il dio ha sua gente a disposizione.

“Se inviassi via fax la regina “, dice la mia figlia, “noi deve essere alle condizioni amichevoli affinchè lei mi diano il suo FAX no., non deve noi; ed in caso affermativo dove è il rapporto della trasmissione?„

Ho preso la mia figlia giù la collina alla stazione di polizia centrale e gli ho detto di fare l’inchiesta. Una donna della polizia era in carica (che cosa io ha detto circa la femmina della specie?) giù alla stazione ha dato alla mia figlia il funzionamento intorno e quando ha chiesto il suo nome che gli ha dato un nome che era fittizio. L’OH! Ho ottenuto giù nella notte ed ho pregato. Due settimane più successivamente una della gente con’ una posizione’ ha chiesto alla mia figlia è lei ha saputo che il poliziotto che è stato ucciso in così modo orrendo e spettacolare fosse uno della gente principale coinvolgere nel telaio in su.

Quando la mia figlia ha sporto una protesta ufficiale, il ministro degli affari esteri allora (PLP) informati lei che il P.S. riserva il diritto di dirigere il ministero il senso lei vede la misura. Ciò era a causa dei suoi email riservati molto personali che stava ricevendo la forma un attore americano caucasico e la ha voluta dirgli circa allora. I email purloined dal P.S. e sono stati indicati lui perché ha pensato che lui e la mia figlia fossero appena poco troppo un amichevole.

A causa delle sue funzioni, ci era una stanza che particolare la mia figlia ha dovuto andare dentro di tanto in tanto. L’un giorno una lampadina fluorescente è stata installata im modo tale che ha esploso nel suo fronte quando ha aperto il portello. Undici anni prima della cosa identica sono accaduto ad un cugino più anziano che ha lavorato molto nella stessa costruzione nello stesso ministero. Il cugino ha dovuto avere due anni va e per i due anni di nastri tagliati di vetro schioccati da

il suoi fronte e armi. Quando ha esploso sopra il fronte della mia figlia, un angelo si è appoggiato a improvvisamente in avanti e semplicemente ha saltato fra il suo fronte ed il vetro è caduto in modo innocuo via. Due settimane più successivamente, lo stesso P.S. che stava tormentandola e stava inseguendolo, ha dovuto andare in Cina avere suo taglio del fronte aperto ed i muscoli hanno assistito perché il suo fronte non manterrebbe ancora.

A causa di determinate cose che hanno continuato nei vecchi affari esteri che costruiscono una donna in vestito all’antica comparirebbe alla notte in cui la protezione levata in piedi in servizio dell’ufficiale nella costruzione. Scoperebbe di sopra e diritto attraverso i portelli chiusi. Una notte ha passato diritto attraverso l’ufficiale della forza della difesa in servizio. Hanno cominciato a mettere due ufficiali alla volta anziché uno. Più nel libro.

Gli ufficiali della forza della difesa e della polizia? Ci è il meglio e ci sono coloro che non accennerò attualmente. Lasciarlo dirlo circa il meglio.

Una notte che lo ho sognato ha veduto qualcuno provare ad ottenere nella mia finestra della camera da letto mentre mi sono levato in piedi all’interno della mia camera da letto. La persona ha spiegato timido che stavano inseguendi dalla polizia. Era diaboliche e colpevoli.

Alcuni giorni più successivamente un collega è venuto limitando attraverso il legno con una pistola nella sua fascia e si è diretto diritto per la mia finestra della camera da letto. Gli ho detto non una bugia come esso in nome di Jesus, mi sono precipitato dalla casa ed ho funzionato dopo lui. Allora ho sentito la mia madre dice in una piccola voce dall’iarda laterale fra gli alberi dove era andato pregare, `vede che uno di loro qui e del lui ha una pistola. Ho volato immediatamente verso la mia madre e quel collega ha cominciato funzionare con l’altro; così ho funzionato dopo loro entrambi, rimprovareli in nome di Jesus mentre ho funzionato. Quando la polizia è venuto attraverso il legno ho continuato ad unirlo nell’inseguimento.

Ho veduto i poliziotti e le donne mettere le loro vite stesse sulla linea ed ho funzionato nei denti stessi del pericolo, non una volta o due volte per voi e me. In ogni reparto di legge universalmente alcuni di loro sono streghe, ma in modo da molto di loro sono cristiani. Anche fra coloro che non è cristiani, la maggioranza è estremamente timore del dio. Così sono presunto essere un cristiano e cower mentre mettono le loro vite sulla linea per me e la miniera? Nessun signore. E che cosa se uno chi non è un cristiano ottiene ucciso, può dio vietarlo. Dove fa quel permesso me. Nessun signore. E sguardo qui che è qualcuno bambino, sorella, il fratello, zio, auntie ecc, ecc. Nessun signore! Cristiani siamo supposti pregare vigoroso per loro e li sosteniamo tutti che possiamo.

Una sera il mio padre di punto aveva detto appena alcune cose sgradevoli a me alla casa della mia madre. Come sono uscito ad un angelo sotto forma d’un ufficiale della forza della difesa sono sembrato sorridente davanti me. Ho fissato e parlato lui nella sorpresa assoluta. Ha girato chiamare verso me per seguirlo alla grande finestra in cui potremmo osservare attraverso il mio padre di punto e l’angelo indicato lui. Stava guardando T.V. nel salone.

Mi sono levato in piedi al lato di lui ed ho esaminato il mio padre di punto. Ha sorriso allora sparito in aria sottile. È stato trasmesso come mio ufficiale della difesa, per le cose che erano e l’OH! Così tanto per le cose che erano di venire.

Ascoltare! La gente lambasting la polizia ed il governo e sta chiedendo che cosa sono che fanno circa l’uccisione che i giovani stanno facendo fra se stesso. Lasciarlo chiedere questo. CHE COSA STATE FACENDO? È i VOSTRI BAMBINI. CHE TIPO DI ESEMPIO SIETE CHE VI REGOLATE? prendete al nome del signore il vostro dio invano?
Vi trovate?
Prendete che cosa non è il vostro?
Dormite con qualcun’altro moglie, o marito?
Dormite spirito chiunque anche se non siete sposati?
Aiutate il vostro bambino con il suo lavoro domestico, o appena li lasciate lottare da solo?
Abusate il vostro bambino?
Disciplinate il vostro bambino? O gettare appena un colpo quando la nozione li colpisce?
Fate il fascino, o il obeah?
Che specie degli amici avete?
Dormite con una persona dello stesso sesso?

Se fate qualcuno di questi cose, quindi di che cosa state parlando?
Pregate per la polizia, gli insegnanti ed i quelli nell’autorità, o voi insegnate al vostro bambino nella violenza contro l’autorità il senso che ho sentito un uomo fare. Formate, o non formate il vostro bambino nel senso che ritenete ed allora che volete per lanciare la colpa sugli insegnanti, il governo e la polizia.

L’inizio che prega e che obbedice al dio e vede se le cose cambino.

Ho veduto che il meglio ed io hanno veduto il più difettoso. First-hand.
Qualche tempo fa, ai tempi del mio Lavoro-come la prova, ero in principessa Margaret Hospital per un periodo un la settimana. Sul quartiere tutte le infermiere erano buone tranne tre. Potete incontrare un’infermiera che è occasionalmente poco un impaziente; potete incontrare un’infermiera che è poco esasperato occasionalmente. Orso con lei. Quella è appena stanchezza, o preoccupazione. Le infermiere sono la gente anche. Hanno le preoccupazioni riservate e determinate volte che essi stessi non ritengono bene. Dopo la principessa Margaret Hospital, ho dovuto andare negli Stati Uniti per la chirurgia. Le infermiere ad entrambi gli ospedali, Bahamian ed americano, erano onesto il meglio.

Le infermiere che mi hanno preso la cura erano come i membri delle famiglie dei pazienti. Erano gentili, cortese, amando e perfino quei che non professassero essere cristiani erano molto dio


L’OH! Ho accennato il cappello quella buona gente da che cosa professione era di ogni nazionalità e colore che potreste chiamare, qui in Bahamas e negli Stati Uniti? Ed era inoltre vero per quei cattivi? Ogni nazionalità e colore.

Ma uno in particolare, che è uno’ di loro’, era tutto che sentiste parlare delle infermiere di orrore. Ha fatto le cattive piccole cose che era vero e proprio sgradevole. Una sera poichè ero periodo a metà strada attraverso il mio pranzo lei ha urlato me per mettere il mio piatto giù e per lasciarla da raccogliere. La persona che ha passato fuori l’alimento ruggito lei a permesso del `la donna da solo e la ha lasciata mangia il suo `dell’alimento. Ha risposto a che un `molto delicato APPROVA il `. Il dio è buono.

Ma i circa due giorni più successivamente sidled fino alla mia base che sorride rigido con un aiuto della mano dal suo lato. “Vengo caro, devo dargli questo colpo di…„ Ero in modo da sorpreso al `caro’ che ho presentato ad esso senza un pensiero sospettoso. Quando i 2 medici e l’infermiera capa stavano facendo i tondi e stavano avendo una discussione. Non hanno sognato che qualche cosa della specie stava accendendo. Nessuni hanno fatto I fino ad alcuni minuti dopo il colpo. Ho rend contoere che già sono stato dato che colpo particolare i due giorni prima che non fossero supposti ancora per averli per tre mesi. Descriverò che cosa è accaduto me in uno dei miei libri. È soltanto con la misericordia del dio a che ancora sto dando dei calci. Una settimana dopo che ero scaricato io è andato vedere che il medico e questa infermiera lo hanno veduto attendere con la mia più giovane figlia. Si è levata in piedi momentaneamente davanti noi, ha brillato con un tal sguardo di avversione, non parlerebbe quando abbiamo parlato lei e girato indietro il senso che è venuto. Era ovviamente deludente che ero ancora vivo.

Ci sono alcuno di `loro’ fra il buon. Tutta la posta importante trasmessa alla nostra scatola di P.O. è aperto violento ad entrambi gli angoli ed allora disposta nella scatola o distruggere complessivamente. Ordini di soldi particolarmente.

Una parte di posta importante è stata trasmessa come posta di priorità dal mio marito, alla mia figlia. Dovrebbe ottenere noi in due – tre giorni. Gli abbiamo ottenuto tre settimane più successivamente. Ciò era dopo che abbiamo digiunato per i tre giorni e mi sono alzato ad un orologio delle quattro o che mattina e pregato a questo proposito.

Sette tentativi sono stati fatti, sette giorni successivi di selezionarla in su dal servizio corriere ma non è stato liberato perché difettavano dell’identificazione adeguata. Tutti questi tentativi sono stati fatti dopo 5 pm sui giorni della settimana, in modo da abbiamo supposto che chiunque esso è stato avuto un lavoro nove – cinque ed abbiamo lavorato all’ufficio postale, pensante che se dicessero provenissero da là, esso saremmo liberati a loro senza passare con le procedure adeguate. Dopo il terzo giorno ed il terzo tentativo, una donna particolare dal Ministero della Pubblica Istruzione ha trasmesso un messaggio urgente alla mia figlia che dice che deve segnalare no più successivamente nei limiti di un tempo di di tre giorni, direttamente lei, con due di tre forme di identificazione. URGENTE. La suo autorizzazione del driver e numero o passaporto di previdenza sociale.

Tutto è sembrato impedire l’identificazione che è disposta in mano di quella donna. Persino è stata detta ad alta voce della città ad un congresso. Il giorno che ho pregato ed il pacchetto è stato ricevuto dalla mia figlia, direttamente dal corriere e non dall’ufficio postale, è andato a questa donna darle gli articoli necessari per la verifica. E congettura che cosa. Ha dovuto andare due volte perché la donna gli ha detto i servi di dire la mia figlia che non era là. L’identificazione e la verifica non erano così urgenti più. E conoscere il qualcos’altro. La mia figlia ha scoperto da quelli nell’autorità che ci non era mai. Era tutto il simulato.

`’ Sono là inoltre.
Quando la mia figlia è andato prendere la sua prova di azionamento, ogni volta che siamo andato e gli ispettori riposavano le sue carte giù che sono sparito. (Abbiamo dovuto andare più di due volte a causa di questo) abbiamo ritenuto che spiacente per gli ispettori e noi cominciasse silenziosamente a pregare e rimprovaree. È stata raddrizzata immediatamente fuori.

`’ Sono in ciascuna della banca.
Un attore di film era interessato nella mia figlia. Molto così. Lo ha gradetto come amico, ma che non ha pensato che fossero compatibili. Durante tempo ha comunicato avanti e indietro con entrambi miei derivati e me. Abbiamo discusso il lavoro che il dio ci ha detto che di fare quale comprende la fabbricazione dello spazio di sosta per i cristiani sulla strada orientale, perché chiunque stiamo comunicando con, prima o poi, ottiene intorno a quella.

Ha veduto le foto della mia figlia e fra quello e tutta la comunicazione è stato ancor più interessato. Ha trasmesso un agente investigativo riservato per controllarlo fuori e perfino ha fatto denominarlo a qualcuno (alla sua costernazione) al Ministero degli’Affari Esteri. Lei email era tutta che è colpita allora e tutta ha uscito quando il ministro in una collera gelosa che è stata indicata i email dal P.S. Era quando non ha dato alla mia figlia la soddisfazione per il fastidio lordo che stava andando attraverso alle mani del P.S. come ho detto più presto.

Per tagliare un bicchierino lungo di storia, il giovane ha detto che stava andando donare l’intera quantità per la proprietà per il lavoro del dio. La mia figlia era chary di accettazione esso poiché non stava andando sposarla.

Poiché non stava accettando altri email, o alcun tipo di comunicazione da lui per un tempo molto molto non ha saputo quando lo ha trasmesso.

Era frenetico inviante con la posta elettronica ed usando ogni forma che ha saputo per metterselo in contatto con lei ma non ascolterebbe, o leggerle. Quando la ha veduta che ha detto che la ha trasmessa non lo ha creduto, dopo che tutto esso era un gran numero. Nel frattempo ogni banca che siamo stati associati con smesso di inviarci le dichiarazioni. Non ci siamo preoccupati di chiedere c’è ne perché abbiamo conosciuto che cosa abbiamo messo dentro o non abbiamo messo dentro allora quale non era molto, ma abbiamo cominciato ad ottenere le chiamate di telefono sconosciute dalle donne alla banca che chiedono se avessimo certe somme sul nostro cliente che abbiamo detto il no. a proposito, tutte le macchinazioni cattive thiese siamo stati fatti dalle femmine. Non ritengo come se i responsabili di questa banca siano informati di che cosa questo la donna sta facendo.

Allora siamo stati detti da una banca che era closing fuori il nostro cliente della carta di credito. Poiché eravamo finora dietro. Siamo risultato che eravamo aggiornato di destra. Il dio ha veduto che era tempo di fare alcuni movimenti. Abbiamo cominciato la gente di riunione ogni dove chi hanno detto stavano incontrando le somme esorbitanti sui loro clienti e che sono tormentate se lo toccassero. Una donna che ho incontrato alla corte (OH! La banca ha avuta l’audacia per portarla in il tribunale dopo che hanno pulito fuori il nostro deposito fisso, ma non hanno negoziato sui risultati.)

Questa donna ha detto che ad una dell’altra banca che ci occupiamo dei mettere $20.000 sul suo cliente e gli ha detto di non toccarla. Quelli di voi fuori là chi questo sta accadendo ai noi li vorrebbero inviarli con la posta elettronica per soddisfare. Dopo che così tanto il rigmarole e cercare noi hanno veduto che cosa è accaduto. A proposito, quando un sergente femminile giù a CDU li ha trasmessi a Royal Bank per le nostre annotazioni, siamo stati chiesti perché siamo stati rifiutati le nostre annotazioni e siamo stati chiesti nella costernazione perché abbiamo introdotto la polizia in esso. Siamo stati detti che la polizia non ha dovuto vedere qualche cosa.

Una poliziotta ha camminato dentro allo stesso momento e gli ho detto di incitarlo a dare prego le annotazioni me. Ha detto che il sergente dovrebbe trasmetterci una polizia con in modo che non dovessimo andare avanti e indietro spirito di tante volte molto fastidio e nessun risultati. E l’OH! Il fastidio!

In ogni modo, stiamo andando occuparci di esso il senso che conosciamo come. Vedete questo giovane non ha ottenuto una parola dei ringraziamenti da noi e probabilmente pensa che abbiamo preso i soldi e non abbiamo fatto niente verso il lavoro del dio. Se soltanto per quello vogliamo ha raddrizzato fuori.’
Vedete! Che cosa stanno facendo sta disponendo le somme esorbitanti sui clienti della gente fino alle cose si raffreddano abbastanza giù affinchè loro lo usino. Abbiamo ricevuto una dichiarazione finora che mostra che $88.000 dispari sono stati messi sopra ed abbiamo tolto che lo stesso giorno. Sono sicuro che gli hanno usato nel frattempo abbastanza una punta. Ci occupiamo di quattro banche differenti. Per che cosa abbiamo veduto, la gente dai quattro di loro è implicata. Ci sono inoltre altri in quella banca che siamo sicuri non siamo implicati.

Ora qui è che cosa faremo. Leggere il 4:7 di capitolo di Esther – 17 e 5:1 di capitolo – 3. Stiamo chiedendo ai cristiani dappertutto di pregare. Quello è tutto. Pregare appena affinchè il dio raddrizzino questa materia fuori.

Quattro anni fa, lo ho sognato ho veduto il fantasma santo sedermi in aria, all’interno della banca. La nube dei testimoni era intorno lui sotto forma di gli apostoli. Ha detto a me, `che sono venuto affinchè tutto renderà conto dei soldi.’ Ciò era di quattro anni fa prima che ci fossero tutti i soldi.
Quattro volte ho avuto sogni di questa natura. Era così unsmiling!

Il Ananias e Sappira sono morto in un senso spettacolare quando hanno provato i trucchi con il dio riguardo a soldi.

Una notte durante lo stesso tempo che lo ho sognato ha veduto il fantasma santo nel cielo con i testimoni intorno lui. Stavano guardando Yashua (Jesus) realizzano il giudizio. Molto solenne. Yashua stava giudicando quattro genti ad una barra di giudizio su una nube. I quattro di loro sono stati vestiti nel nero. Il verdetto era colpevole e gli angeli hanno spinto indietro le quattro genti fuori dalla nube e sono caduto headfirst si scolano, giù, a destra attraverso la terra e da là in INFERNO.

Ora ho rend contoere che ci è quattro banche. Forse ci è quattro genti alla testa di esso tutta. Quattro anni fa, quattro banche, quattro genti giudicate da Yashua. E garantirò che sono donne. Sono state predicate da me ed alle mie figlie in modo da non ho colpevolezza riguardo alle loro anima. La dò tutta a YAHAWAY. Cristiani non lo pensate mai siete tempo per noi tutto di essere liberi? E come il figlio già li ha incitati liberamente allora a prendere la libertà!

Ora, qualunque accade a questa gente, è senso dei dei di trattare con loro, non incolpa dei governi o alcun altri. È un’opera di Dio!

Se siete squeamish o non volete unire questa preghiera NON FARE! Non stiamo comunicando con voi. Quelli di voi che stanno danneggiando abbastanza male. Inizio che prega a partire dal giorno avete letto dopo questo fino ai sette giorni. Se non potete inginocchiarti, pregare silenziosamente nel vostro cuore. Il dio può sentire.

Il dio benedice fino a che non sentiate ancora da me.



HOOR ME! dit is een vraag wereldwijd internationaal aan Christenen zich in een week van gebed voor verlossing van een aantal van de meest dodelijke duivelse krachten aan te sluiten bij.

Deze krachten richten God die mensen en vooral medische arbeiders, wetsambtenaren, overheidsarbeiders en mensen in gezag op een roekeloze en meest gestage manier vreest.

Esther moest snel door alle mensen van god vragen omdat de Satan Haman gebruikte om de vernietiging van de mensen van elk van God te plannen. Maar Mordecai vertelde Esther was zij gekomen aan het koninkrijk voor zulk een tijd zoals dit. En zo was het. Zo was het.

Nu op dit ogenblik, elk kind van God, voor zulk een tijd zoals dit.

In elke het werkplaats, in elke positie, zijn er mensen het meeste kwaad. De meerderheid van deze mensen, als niet allen, overeenkomst in hekserij. Zij zouden liggen, zouden, moord zouden zouden iets anders en doen, vernietigen stelen die zij willen als niemand hen tegenhoudt. Wij door de gunst van Yashua (Jesus) zullen hen tegenhouden. Esther. Deed dat Deborah (rechtersHoofdstuk 4).

Ik ben een vrouw, en ik vertel u op dit ogenblik de meerderheid van deze mensen wijfjes is, en aangezien wij het weten, zij dodelijkst van de species zijn.

Ik heb de Heidense woede gezien, komen de engelen en de doodsgang tussenbeide.
Ik heb – gezien:
Een geest gaat mijn huis door een hoger venster in en doodt mijn kat omdat hij niet me of mijn twee dochters kon doden.

Een zwanger meisje dat een heks was en de van wie familie een geschiedenis van hekserij heeft, aan mijn voordeur bij drie uur in de ochtend met ouderwetse flit kan gevuld met twee soorten het balsemen van vloeistof komt die met hekserij worden gemengd. Zij bespoot het door de barsten rond de deur. Dit was vijf dagen nadat ik een droom had dat zij het zou doen.

Een vrouw, een heks die werd ingehuurd om hekserij van mijn huis schuin te zetten waar mijn slaapkamer mijn dochtersslaapkamer ontmoette. Aan haar chargin, onderschepte ik haar. Onnodig te zeggen was er vlaag van opwinding.

Een heksensamenkomst of de heksen kwamen samen om geesten na elk mannetje te verzenden dat mijn huis of werk in mijn werf kwam bouwen. Mijn dochters en ik beëindigde omhoog bouw het zelf. En als Nehemiah, moesten wij met onze zwaarden `’ door onze kanten werken. Wij schrijven een boek.

Tot wij begrepen en erkenden wat zij deden en tegen het baden, ook berispend, stierven de meeste mensen de meest vreselijke en ongebruikelijke sterfgevallen.

Ik had nooit met iedereen geslapen tot ik mijn echtgenoot huwde. Hoewel hij dit kende geloofde hij het en knipte weg toen ik vorm de V.S. naar huis ging om ons huis te bouwen omdat iemand begon iedereen te vertellen dat ik een zaak met een zeventien éénjarigenjongen had. Ik schreef een echt ernstig spel over dit. Door de gunst van de God zal het dichtbij het eind van het jaar worden bepaald.

Hebt u stepparent? Mijn stiefvader die de prediker was van een prediker had een krachtmeting met me één dag toen de dingen aan een hoofd kwamen. Hij had deze confrontatie niet als prediker, maar als heks. Hij vertelde me dit aan mijn gezicht (een mannetje dat dieper is in hekserij dan een tovenaar of een tovenaar wordt genoemd een heks.) En hij was zo omslachtig hij had elke Christen `’ uit zijn congregatie aan één kant en lid van zijn heksensamenkomst op andere. Hij zelf had… hij dacht behandeld. Lees het boek om zijn eind te zien.

U moet het boek lezen wanneer ik klaar ben met het schrijven van hen om te begrijpen enkel welk wij Christenen omhoog tegen zijn. De echtgenoten, Broers, zonen, mannelijke neven, worden mannelijke werknemers door deze vrouwelijke heksen alle tijd gericht om hen als Jezebel te verslinden harlot/de heks. De mannelijke heksen richten hen om hen te vernietigen.

Mijn zuster en onze tante deelden en flat op een mooi hoger middenstandgebied. Een mooie jonge vrouw tussen de leeftijden van 26 en 27 jaar oud leefde beneden met haar echtgenoot en twee mooie kleine kinderen. De echtgenoot was tussen dertig éénendertig jaar oud, het slanke, aardige kijken en zeer milde gemaniëreerd; maar iets was zeer verkeerd. De hele dag kon hij slechts rechtstreeks vooruit staren in een hoek met zijn gitaar op zijn overlapping zitten en. Zijn vrouw moest hem voeden, hem baden, hem leiden tot de badkamers enz.

Af en toe het gedrongen, belabberde zou kijken, vrouw met een GLB op haar hoofd in de werf uittrekken en zou de flat van het jonge paar ingaan. Deze vrouw zou binnen de echtgenoot door de hand lopen en nemen om hem tot de auto uit te leiden. De vrouw zou op hem trekken, zouden het gillen en haar moeder haar trekkracht helpen, schreeuwend al tijdje. Een strijd zou dan, met het scrubby, smerige, vuile, belabberde gedrongen kijken volgen, GLB dragend Jezebel afstraffing hen allebei, waarna zou zij hem uit tot de auto leiden, aanbracht hem en afslaat. Een paar dagen later zou zij hem terugkeren. Zij hield hem in die zombiestaat door hekserij. NU BEGRIJPT U WAAROM WIJ VOOR DE VERSIE VAN ONZE MAKLES MOETEN VECHTEN? Is bidden harder dan schreeuwend over hen in een doodskist? Dat is het doel deze mensen voor proberen; dood. Wat moeten wij door te vechten verliezen?

Vrouw twee probeerde iets in die aard met mijn broer. Één een Amerikaan in Texas, de V.S. en één een Bahamiaan in de Bahamas. Voor zuivere wrok tegen me, omdat ik haar vertelde was zij verkeerd, probeerde zij aan defamate mijn echtgenotenkarakter.

Ik vastte en

dan bad ik al nacht lang voor twee nachten het lopen. Een engel doodde haar bijna, en op de derde nacht was zij zo angst aangejaagd omdat zij wist wat die nacht zij zou gebeuren riep me aangezien de zon plaatste en ernstig gratie bedelde. Zij is nu een Christen. Dan met tweede in de Bahamas die ik opnieuw bij nacht heb gebeden toen „diepe slaap falleth op mensen.“ Ik vroeg God om haar mening weg te halen voor een seizoen, dan haar mening te herstellen en haar te brengen aan zich. En oh! Hij haalde haar mening weg ligt h e deed Nebuchadnezzar. Telkens als zij aan haar betekenissen kwam en door het huis kwam van mijn broer zou haar mening van een eerlijke en rijke carrièrevrouw gaan, zou zij een dithering idiot, toen een raaskallende maniak worden. Zij heeft opgehouden. Welk appalls me ben dat deze wijfjes na deze mensen zoals de lagere dieren in hitte gaan. LAAT hen niet uiteindelijk uw mannetjes nemen en vernietigen.

Elk mannetje dat de matrijs opende is Heilig aan Lord.

Zoals voor de persoon die na mijn neef kwam. Het is in één van mijn boeken. De persoon wie na mijn echtgenoot kwam? Beste me! Het is in een speciaal boek. Deze boeken zullen op een recentere datum, door de macht van Yahweh worden gepubliceerd. (Jehovah)

Secretaresses. Mijn dochters gingen één van onze boeken aan de minister voor de Jeugd, Sporten en Cultuur in de tijd dat geven PLP in bureau was. De secretaresse die hen (zij kennen ons) erkende informeerde hen op een zeer ruwe manier dat hij van het eiland was. Hij zou niet voor een paar dagen achter zijn. Ik vertelde hen om binnen terug te gaan en te wachten. Zij gingen binnen terug en gingen zitten in het buitenbureau. De zeer ruw bovengenoemde secretaresse, `waarom u nog hier allen bent? Niet ik zeg hij niet op het eiland?’ is
Zij glimlachten zoet, `die wij’ zal wachten. een paar minuten later binnen liep hij, kijkend zeer vermoeid. Wij waren samen op St. Anne school, en hij erkende meteen mijn meisjes. Zijn omhoog aangestoken ogen.
`Wachtend op me?’ hij vroeg.
`Zei de heer’ ja de meisjes. En zij verlieten daar de secretaresse en gingen in zijn bureau. De zelfde Minister Okayed een toelage voor ons 1st boek omdat het onder cultuur kwam. M. __________ P.S. van het Ministerie zei hij de controle voor één derde het bedrag uitschreef. En dit type van ding gebeurde met elke Minister die wij ooit hebben geprobeerd om te contacteren. Minions stut rond zoals kleine onbeduidendheden die erkenning zoeken. Zo geen kwestie welke partij de Minister behoort tot, negeert hij u niet noodzakelijk. Hij heeft uw bericht niet gekregen.

De baan?
Toen mijn dochter bij Buitenlandse zaken werkte was het volwaardige oorlog.
Het begon toen de Permanente Secretaresse begon besluipend me. Geen wat voor ik wist. Één dag was ik in de voedselopslag die aan een dame spreekt toen ik een kraankraan op mijn schouder voelde. Ik draaide en keek binnen aan het gezicht van onlangs benoemd P.S. Zij wees vaag in de richting van de vruchten op vertoning. Dwaas. Twee wie Permanente Secretaresses vóór haar waren waren vrouwen die worden moeten gekeken omhoog aan, maar de dingen die aan hen gebeurden echt’ vervulden en uit deze wereld’ met afschuw!

Een paar weken na dat begon de vervolging tegen mijn dochter. Dit zelfde P.S. haalde de politie erbij om mijn dochter op een last te vragen die P.S. omhoog trumped had. P.S. beschuldigde haar van het 3pen telefax ver*sturen van de Koningin van Engeland met een godsdienstig bericht. Verteld u was zij dwaas. Één van de politieagenten was een Christen en een perfecte heer. Andere was niet. Andere deed al het kwellen. De god heeft zijn mensen op hand.

„Als ik de Koningin „3pte telefax ver*sturen, zegt mijn dochter, „wij moeten zijn onder vriendschappelijke voorwaarden voor haar me haar FAX nr gegeven te hebben., moeten niet wij; en als zo waar het transmissierapport?“ is

Ik nam mijn dochter onderaan de heuvel aan het centrale politiebureau en vertelde haar om onderzoek te maken. Een politievrouw was verantwoordelijk (wat ik over het wijfje van de species? zei) onderaan bij de post gaf mijn dochter rond de looppas en toen zij haar naam vroeg zij gaf haar een naam die gefingeerd was. Oh! Ik werd neer in de nacht en gebeden. Twee weken later vroeg één van de mensen met een’ positie’ mijn dochter zij is wist dat de politieagent die op zulk een vreselijke en spectaculaire manier werd gedood één van de belangrijkste mensen omhoog betrokken bij het kader was.

Toen mijn dochter een formele klacht maakte, deelde de minister van Buitenlandse zaken (PLP) haar mee tegelijkertijd dat P.S. ZICH het recht voorbe*houdt het ministerie te leiden de manier zij pasvorm ziet. Dit was wegens haar zeer persoonlijke privé e-mail dat zij vorm een Kaukasische Amerikaanse acteur ontving en hij wilde haar vertellen hem over tegelijkertijd. E-mail werden gestolen door P.S. en werden getoond aan hem omdat zij dacht dat hij en mijn dochter een weinig te enkel vriendschappelijk waren.

Wegens haar plichten, was er een bepaalde ruimte mijn dochter moest van tijd tot tijd gaan in. Één dag was een neonlichtbol opstelling zodanig dat het in haar gezicht explodeerde toen zij de deur opende. Elf jaar vóór het identieke ding gebeurde aan een oudere neef die in het zeer zelfde gebouw in het zelfde Ministerie werkte. De neef moest twee jaar verlof en voor de twee jaar gebroken stroken van glas hebben die uit haar worden geknald

haar gezicht en wapens. Toen het over het gezicht van mijn dochter explodeerde, blies een vooruit plotseling geleunde engel en eenvoudig tussen haar gezicht en het glas viel onschadelijk weg. Twee later weken, zelfde moest P.S. die haar kwelde en me besloop, naar China gaan haar gezicht gesneden open en bijgewoonde spieren hebben omdat haar gezicht niet nog zou houden.

Wegens bepaalde dingen die die in de oude Buitenlandse zaken gingen een vrouw in oude tijd bouwen zou de kleding bij nacht verschijnen toen de ambtenaar op plicht zich wacht in het gebouw bevond. Zij zou boven en rechtstreeks door de gesloten deuren vegen. Één nacht ging zij rechtstreeks door de ambtenaar van de defensiekracht op plicht. Zij begonnen zettend twee ambtenaren in een tijd in plaats van. Meer in het boek.

De de politie en ambtenaren van de defensiekracht? Er is het beste en er zijn hen geen die ik op dit ogenblik zal vermelden. Laat me u over het beste vertellen.

Één nacht die ik ik zag iemand proberend om in mijn slaapkamervenster heb gedroomd te krijgen aangezien ik me bevond binnen mijn slaapkamer. De persoon verklaarde sheepishly dat zij door de politie werden achtervolgd. Zij waren kwaad en schuldig.

Een paar dagen later kwam een kameraad bounding door het hout met een kanon in zijn band en leidde rechtstreeks voor mijn slaapkamervenster. Ik vertelde hem niet een leugen als het in naam van Jesus, uit het huis stormde en na hem liep. Dan hoorde ik mijn moeder in een kleine stem van de zijwerf onder de bomen waar zij was gaan bidden zegt, ziet `één hier van hen en hij heeft een kanon. Ik vloog onmiddellijk naar mijn moeder en die kameraad begon met andere te lopen; zo stelde ik na hen allebei in werking, die hen berispen in naam van Jesus aangezien ik liep. Toen de politie door het hout kwam dat ik me ben blijven om bij hen in de jacht aansluiten.

Ik heb politieagenten en vrouwen hun eigenlijk leven op de lijn zien zetten en in de eigenlijke tanden van gevaar, niet eens of tweemaal voor u en me gelopen. In elke wetsafdeling wereldwijd zijn wat van hen heksen, maar zodat zijn veel meer van hen Christenen. Zelfs onder zij die geen Christenen zijn, is de meerderheid uiterst het vrezen van de God. Zo word I verondersteld om een Christen terwijl zij hun leven op de lijn voor me en mijn te zijn en te ineenkrimpen zetten? De geen heer. En wat als wie geen Christen is gedood wordt, God het kan verbieden. Waar dat verlof me. De geen heer. En kijk hier dat somebody kind, zuster, broer, oom, tante enz., enz. is. De geen heer! Wij Christenen zijn verondersteld om voor hen krachtig te bidden, en hen te steunen allen wij kunnen.

Één avond had mijn stapvader net een paar onaangename dingen aan me bij het huis van mijn moeder gezegd. Aangezien ik buiten een engel in de vorm van een ambtenaar van de defensiekracht glimlachend leek voor me stapte. Ik staarde en sprak aan hem in uiterste verrassing. Hij draaide het wenken aan me om hem aan het grote venster te volgen waar wij door mijn stapvader en engel konden bekijken die op hem wordt gericht. Hij lette op TV in de woonkamer.

Ik bevond me naast hem en bekeek mijn stapvader. Hij glimlachte dan verdwenen in dunne lucht. Hij werd gestuurd als mijn defensieambtenaar, voor dingen die en Oh waren! Zo veel voor dingen die moesten komen.

Luister! De mensen lambasting de politie en de overheid en gevraagd wat zij die over de moord doen zijn die de jonge mensen onder zich doen. Laat me dit vragen. WAT DOET U? HET IS UW KINDEREN. WELK TYPE VAN VOORBEELD PLAATST U? vergeefs neemt u de naam van Lord uw God?
Ligt u?
Neemt u wat geen van u is?
Slaapt u met iemand anders vrouw, of echtgenoot?

Slaapt u verstand iedereen alhoewel u niet gehuwd bent?
Helpt laat u uw kind met zijn/haar huiswerk, of hen enkel alleen worstelen?
Misbruikt u uw kind?
Disciplineert u uw kind? Of werp enkel een slag wanneer het begrip u raakt?
Gokt u?
Doet u hekserij, of obeah?
Welke soort vrienden hebt u?
Slaapt u met een persoon van het zelfde geslacht?

Als u om het even welk van deze dingen doet, dan wat spreekt u over?
Bidt instrueert u voor de politie, de leraren en die in gezag, of u uw kind in geweld tegen gezag de manier die ik één mens heb gehoord. U leidt, of leidt uw kind op de manier niet op op u voelt en dan de schuld op de leraren, de overheid en de politie wilt gieten.

Ziet de biddende en uitvoerende God van het begin en of zullen de dingen veranderen.

Ik heb best en ik heb gezien het slechtst gezien. Uit de eerste hand.
Een tijdje geleden, op het tijdstip van mijn baan-als het testen, was ik in Prinses Margaret Hospital voor een periode een week. Op de afdeling waren alle verpleegsters goed behalve drie. U kunt een verpleegster ontmoeten die af en toe een weinig ongeduldig is; u kunt een verpleegster ontmoeten die af en toe een weinig geërgerd_ is. Draag met haar. Dat is enkel vermoeidheid, of zorg. De verpleegsters zijn ook mensen. Zij hebben privé zorgen en sommige tijden zij zelf niet goed voelen. Na Prinses Margaret Hospital, moest ik naar de V.S. voor chirurgie gaan. De verpleegsters bij zowel de ziekenhuizen, Bahamiaans als Amerikaans, waren eerlijk het beste.

De verpleegsters die me behandelden waren als leden van de patiëntenfamilies. Zij waren vriendelijk, hoffelijk, houdend van en zelfs degenen die geen Christenen beweerden te zijn waren zeer het vrezen van de God.

Oh! Vermeldde ik hoed die goede mensen van welk beroep ook van elke nationaliteit en kleur die u kon noemen, hier in de Bahamas en in de V.S. was? En het was ook waar van de slechte? Elke nationaliteit en kleur.

Maar één, die één van’ hen’ is, was in het bijzonder dat alles u over verschrikkingsverpleegsters hoort. Zij deed smerige kleine dingen die volkomen onplezierig was. Één avond aangezien ik periode halverwege door mijn diner was dat zij bij me heeft geschreeuwd mijn plaat neer te zetten en het te verlaten om worden verzameld. De persoon die uit het voedsel overging dat bij haar tot verlof `de vrouw wordt gebruld alleen en haar liet eet haar voedsel `. Zij beantwoordde een zeer milde `O.K `. De god is goed.

Maar ongeveer twee dagen later sidled zij tot mijn bed stijf glimlachend met één handhulp door haar kant. „Kom beste, moet ik u dit schot van geven…“ Ik werd zo verrast bij beste `’ die ik aan het zonder een verdachte gedachte voorlegde. Tegelijkertijd maakten de 2 artsen en de hoofdverpleger de rondes en hadden een bespreking. Zij droomden niet dat om het even wat van de soort ging. Noch ik tot een paar notulen na het schot. Ik realiseerde dat ik reeds was gezien het bijzondere schot twee dagen vóór niet verondersteld was om het drie maanden opnieuw te hebben. Ik zal beschrijven wat aan me in één van mijn boeken gebeurde. Het is slechts door de genade van God die ik nog schop. Een week nadat ik werd gelost ging ik de arts zien en deze verpleegster zag me wachtend met mijn jongere dochter. Zij bevond zich snel voorbijgaand voor ons, schitterde met zulk een blik van haat, niet zou spreken toen wij aan haar spraken en de manier omsloegen zij kwam. Duidelijk werd zij teleurgesteld dat ik nog in leven was.

Er zijn wat van `hen’ onder het goed. Om het even welke belangrijke post die naar onze P.O. Doos wordt verzonden is of gescheurde open bij zowel hoeken als dan geplaatst in de doos of totaal vernietigd. Vooral postwissels.

Een belangrijk stuk van post werd verzonden als prioritaire post door mijn echtgenoot, naar mijn dochter. Het zou aan ons in twee tot drie dagen moeten gekregen hebben. Wij werden het drie later weken. Dit was nadat wij drie dagen vastten en ik stond bij vier oklok die op ochtend en bad over het.

Zeven pogingen werden gemaakt, op zeven opeenvolgende dagen om het van de koeriersdienst op te rapen maar het werd niet vrijgegeven omdat zij niet hadden juiste I.D. Elk van deze poging waren gemaakt na 5 p.m. op weekdag, zodat wij veronderstelde dat whoever het gehade baan negen tot vijf was en bij het postkantoor werkte, denkend dat als zij zeiden zij van daar waren, het aan hen zonder het gaan door de juiste procedures worden vrijgegeven. Na de derde dag en de derde poging, verzond een bepaalde vrouw van Ministerie van Onderwijs een dringend bericht naar mijn dochter zegt die dat zij binnen niet later dan drie dagentijd, rechtstreeks aan haar moet rapporteren, met twee van drie vormen van identificatie. DRINGEND. Haar bestuurder

vergunning en nationale verzekeringsaantal of paspoort.

Alles gebeurde om de identificatie te verhinderen plaatsend in de hand van die vrouw. Zij werd zelfs uitgeroepen van stad aan een conferentie. De dag dat ik bad en het pakket door mijn dochter, direct van de koerier en niet van het postkantoor werd ontvangen, ging zij naar deze vrouw haar de nodig punten voor de controle geven. En gissing wat. Zij moest tweemaal gaan omdat de vrouw haar minions om mijn dochter vertelde te vertellen zij niet daar was. De identificatie en de controle waren niet zo dringend anymore. En ken iets anders. Mijn dochter kwam van die in gezag te weten dat daar nooit was. Het was vals allen.

`Zij’ zijn daar ook.
Toen mijn dochter haar drijftest ging nemen, telkens als wij gingen en de examinators haar documenten rustten neer zij verdwenen. (Wij moesten meer dan tweemaal wegens dit gaan) wij voelden droevig voor de examinators en wij begonnen stil te bidden en te berispen. Het werd onmiddellijk rechtgemaakt uit.

`Zij’ zijn in elk van de banken.
Een filmacteur was geinteresseerd in mijn dochter. Zeer zo. Zij hield van hem als vriend, maar dacht niet zij compatibel waren. Over een periode van tijd die hij afwisselend met zowel mijn dochters als me heeft gecommuniceerd. Wij bespraken het werk dat de God ons om vertelde te doen wat het maken van een rustende plaats voor Christenen op de Oostelijke Weg omvat, omdat om het even wie wij aan spreken, vroeg of laat, wordt het rond aan dat.

Hij zag foto’s van mijn dochter en tussen dat en al mededeling werd hij meer geinteresseerd. Hij stuurde een privé-detective om ons te controleren en had zelfs iemand haar (aan haar consternatie) bij het Ministerie van Buitenlandse zaken roepen. Haar e-mail waren allen die in de tijd worden onttrokken en het allen kwam uit toen de Minister in een jaloerse woede die e-mail door P.S. werd getoond. Het was hij gaf mijn dochter tegelijkertijd geen tevredenheid voor de brutokwelling dat zij door bij de handen van P.S. als ik vroeger zei ging.

Om een lang verhaal te snijden plotseling, zei de jonge man hij het volledige bedrag voor het bezit voor het werk van God ging schenken. Mijn dochter was voorzichtig van het goedkeuren van het aangezien zij niet hem ging huwen. Omdat zij any more e-mail, of geen type van mededeling van hem voor zeer oud goedkeurde wist zij niet toen hij het verzond.

Hij verstuurde en gebruikte gek elke vorm met de elektronische post die hij gewe het heeft ten om haar te contacteren maar zij zou niet, luisteren of zou hen lezen. Toen zij zag dat hij zei verzond hij het geloofde zij hem niet, na allen was het een hoop. Ondertussen elke bank dat wij met opgehouden verzendend ons verklaringen werden geassoci�ërd. Wij hinderden niet om om om het even welk te vragen omdat wij wisten wat niet wij aanbrengen of in de tijd aanbrachten die niet veel was, maar wij begonnen vreemde telefoongesprekken van vrouwen die bij de banken vragen te krijgen of hadden wij bepaalde bedragen voor onze rekening wij nr zeiden. Door de manier, werden alle thiese slechte machinaties gedaan door wijfjes. Ik voel niet alsof de managers van deze banken zich bewust zijn van wat deze vrouw doet.

Dan werden wij verteld door één bank dat zij onze creditcardrekening liquideerden. Omdat wij tot dusver erachter waren. Wij bleken wij juiste bijgewerkt waren. De god zag het tijd was om sommige bewegingen te maken. Wij begonnen ontmoetend elke mensen waar wie zei zij ontmoetten exorbitant sommen voor hun rekeningen en werden gekweld als zij het raakten. Één vrouw die ik bij het hof ontmoette (Oh! De bank had de moed om ons voor de rechtbank te dagen nadat zij onze vaste storting leeghaalden, maar zij onderhandelden niet op de resultaten.)

Deze vrouw zei dat bij één van de andere banken die wij behandelen zij $20.000 voor haar rekening zetten en haar vertelden om het niet te raken. Die van u wie dit gebeurt te houden wij gelieve daar van u aan e-mail ons. Na zo veel geraaskal en het zoeken zagen wij wat gebeurde. Door de manier, toen een vrouwelijke sergeant bij CDU ons neer naar Royal Bank voor onze verslagen stuurde, werden wij gevraagd waarom wij onze verslagen werden geweigerd en wij in consternatie werden gevraagd waarom wij de politie in het brachten. Wij werden verteld dat de politie niet te hoeven om om het even wat te zien.

Een politieagente liep binnen op het zelfde ogenblik en ik vertelde haar om hen te maken de verslagen aan me alstublieft geven. Zij zei dat de sergeant een politie met ons zou moeten gestuurd hebben zodat wij niet moesten teruggaan en zo vaak vooruit weet heel wat kwelling en geen resultaten. En oh! De kwelling!

In elk geval, gaan wij het behandelen de manier wij hoe weten. U ziet deze jonge mens geen woord van dank van ons kreeg en hij waarschijnlijk denkt wij het geld namen en niets naar het werk van de God deden. Als slechts voor dat wij willen uit recht maakte het.’
U ziet! Wat zij doen plaatst exorbitant sommen op de rekeningen van mensen tot de dingen neer genoeg voor hen koelen om het te gebruiken. Wij ontvingen één verklaring die tot dusver aantoont dat oneven $88.000 werden aangezet en stegen dat op van dezelfde dag. Ik ben zeker zij vrij een beetje van het tegen die tijd hebben gebruikt. Wij behandelen vier verschillende banken. Voor wat wij hebben gezien, zijn de mensen van vier van hen geïmpliceerd. Er zijn ook anderen in die banken die wij zijn zeker zijn

geïmpliceerdw niet.

Nu hier is wat wij zullen doen. Lees het hoofdstuk4:7 van Esther – 17 en hoofdstuk5:1 – 3. Wij vragen overal Christenen om te bidden. Dat is allen. Bid enkel voor God om deze kwestie uit recht te maken.

Vier jaar geleden, droomde ik ik de zitting van de Heilige Geest in lucht, binnen de bank zag. De wolk van Getuigen was rond hem in de vorm van de apostelen. Hij zei aan me, `ik voor iedereen verslag van het geld kwam uitbrengen.’ Dit was vier jaar geleden alvorens er om het even welk geld was.
Vier keer had ik dromen van deze aard. Hij unsmiling zo!

Ananias en Sappira stierven op een spectaculaire manier toen zij trucs met God betreffende geld probeerden.

Één nacht tijdens de zelfde tijd die ik ik zag de Heilige Geest in de hemel met de getuigen rond hem heb gedroomd. Zij letten op Yashua (Jesus) uitvoeren oordeel. Zeer plechtig. Yashua beoordeelde vier mensen bij een oordeelbar op een wolk. Vier van hen werden gekleed in zwarte. Het oordeel was schuldig en de engelen duwden achteruit de vier mensen van de wolk en zij vielen headfirst onderaan, onderaan, juist door de grond en van daar in HEL.

Ik realiseerde nu net dat er vier banken zijn. Misschien zijn er vier mensen bij het hoofd van het allen. Vier jaar geleden, vier banken, vier mensen die door Yashua worden beoordeeld. En ik zal waarborgen zij vrouwen zijn. Zij zijn gepredikt aan door me en mijn dochters zodat heb ik geen schuld betreffende hun zielen. Ik geef het allen aan YAHAWAY. NIET denkt u Christenen ooit het bent tijd voor ons allen vrij te zijn? En aangezien de zoon reeds ons toen om de vrijheid te nemen vrij heeft gemaakt!

Nu, wat er ook aan deze mensen gebeurt, is het de manier van Goden om hen te behandelen, beschuldigt anders overheden of om het even wie niet. Het is een overmacht!

Als u overgevoelig bent of niet zich bij dit gebed wilt aansluiten niet! Wij spreken niet aan u. Die van u die slecht genoeg kwetsen. Het begin dat van de dag bidt u las dit tot zeven daarna dagen. Als u niet kunt knielen, bid stil in uw hart. De god kan horen.

De god zegent tot u opnieuw van me hoort.



Reclaim Your Stolen Goods

Hear me!

this is a worldwide call to Christians internationally to join in a week of prayer for deliverance from some of the most lethal demonic forces.


These forces are targeting God fearing people and especially medical workers, law officers, government workers and people in authority in a reckless and most relentless manner.


Esther had to call for a fast by all the people of god because Satan used Haman to plan the annihilation of all of God’s people. But Mordecai told Esther she was come to the kingdom for such a time as this. And so it was . So it was.


Now at this time, every child of God, for such a time as this.


In every work place, in every position, there are people most evil. The majority of these people, if not all, deal in witchcraft. They would lie, steal, murder, destroy and do anything else that they want to if no one stops them. We will by the grace of Yashua (Jesus) stop them. Esther did. So did Deborah (judges Chapter 4).


I am a woman, and I tell you right now the majority of these people are females, and as we know, they are the most deadly of the species.


I have seen the Heathen rage, angels intervene and death walk.

I have seen -:

A spirit enter my house by an upper window and kill my cat because he couldn’t kill me or my two daughters.


A pregnant girl who was a witch and whose family has a history of witchcraft, come to my front door at three o’clock in the morning with an old fashioned flit can filled with two types of embalming fluid mixed with witchcraft. She sprayed it through the cracks around the door. This was five days after I had a dream that she would do it.


A woman, a witch who was hired to put witchcraft at an angle of my house where my bedroom met my daughters bedroom. To her chargin, I intercepted her. Needless to say there was flurry of excitement.


A coven or witches met to send spirits after every male that came to build my house or work in my yard. My daughters and I ended up building it ourselves. And like Nehemiah, we had to work with our ‘swords’ by our sides. We’re writing a book.


Until we understood and acknowledged what they were doing and prayed against it, rebuking also , most of the men died the most ghastly and unusual deaths.


I had never slept with anyone until I married my husband. Although he knew this he believed it and flipped when I went home form the U.S.A. to build our house because someone started telling everyone that I was having an affair with a seventeen year old boy. I wrote a real serious play about this. By God’s grace it will be enacted near the end of the year.


Do you have a stepparent?

My stepfather who was a preacher’s preacher had a showdown with me one day when things came to a head. He didn’t have this confrontation as a preacher, but as a witch. He told me this to my face (a male who is deeper into witchcraft than a warlock or wizard is called a witch.) And he was so devious he had every ‘Christian’ out of his congregation on one side and member of his coven on the other. He had himself covered…he thought. Read the book to see his end.



You have to read the book when I have finished writing them in order to understand just what we Christians are up against. Husbands, Brothers, sons, male cousins, male employees are targeted by these female witches all of the time in order to devour them like Jezebel the harlot/witch. Male witches target them to destroy them.


My sister and our aunt shared and apartment in a lovely upper middle class area. A beautiful young woman between the ages of 26 and 27 years of age lived downstairs with her husband and two lovely little children. The husband was between thirty and thirty one years of age, slim, nice looking and very mild mannered; but something was very wrong. All day long he could only sit in a corner with his guitar on his lap and stare straight ahead. His wife had to feed him, bathe him, lead him to the bathroom etc.


Every so often a thickset, seedy looking, woman with a cap on her head would pull up in the yard and enter the young couple’s apartment. This woman would walk in and take the husband by the hand to lead him out to the car. The wife would pull on him, screaming and her mother would help her pull, yelling all the while. A fight would then ensue, with the scrubby, nasty, dirty, seedy looking, stocky, cap wearing Jezebel beating them both, after which she would lead him out to the car, put him in and drive off. A few days later she would return him. She was keeping him in that zombie state by witchcraft. now do you understand why we have to fight for the release of our makles? Is praying harder than crying over them in a coffin? That’s the goal these people try for; death. What do we have to lose by fighting?


Two woman tried something like that with my brother. One an American in Texas, U.S.A. and one a Bahamian in the Bahamas. For pure spite against me, because I told her she was wrong, she tried to defamate my husbands character.


I fasted and then I prayed all night long for two nights running. An angel almost killed her, and on the third night she was so terrified because she knew what would happen that night she called me as the sun was setting and earnestly begged pardon. She is now a Christian. Then with the second one in the Bahamas I prayed again at night when “deep sleep falleth on men.” I asked God to take away her mind for a season, then restore her mind and bring her to Himself. And oh! He did take away her mind lie h e did Nebuchadnezzar. Every time she came to her senses and came by my brother’s house her mind would go from an upstanding and prosperous career woman, she would become a dithering idiot, then a raving maniac. She has stopped. What appalls me is that these females go after these men like the lower animals in heat. Don’t LET them take and eventually destroy your males.


Every male that opened the matrix is Holy to the Lord .


As for the one who came after my cousin. It’s in one of my books. The one who came after my husband? Dear me! It’s in a special book. These books will be published at a later date, by the power of Yahweh. (Jehovah)



. My daughters went to give one of our books to the minister for Youth, Sports and Culture at the time that the PLP was in office. The secretary who recognized them (they know us) informed them in a very rude manner that he was off the island. He wouldn’t be back for a few days. I told them to go back inside and wait. They went back inside and sat down in the outer office. The secretary said very rudely, ‘Why are you all still here? Didn’t I say he isn’t on the island?’

They smiled sweetly, ‘We’ll wait’. a few minutes later he walked in, looking very tired. We were at St. Anne’s school together, and he recognized my girls at once. His eyes lit up.

‘Waiting for me?’ he asked.

‘Yes sir’ said the girls. And they left the secretary there and went into his office. The same Minister Okayed a grant for our 1st book because it came under culture. Mr. ____________ P.S. of the Ministry said he was writing out the check for one third the amount. And this type of thing happened with every Minister we ever tried to contact. The minions would strut around like little nonentities looking for recognition. So no matter what party the Minister belongs to, he’s not necessarily ignoring you. He hasn’t gotten your message.


The job?


When my daughter worked at Foreign Affairs it was full fledged war.

It started when the Permanent Secretary began stalking me. What for I didn’t know. One day I was in the food store talking to a lady when I felt a tap tap on my shoulder. I turned and looked in to the face of the newly appointed P. S. She pointed vaguely in the direction of the fruits on display. Silly. The two who were Permanent Secretaries before her were women to be looked up to, but the things that happened to them were truly ’horrifying and out of this world’!


A few weeks after that the persecution started against my daughter. This same P.S. called in the police to question my daughter on a charge that the P.S. had trumped up. The P.S. was accusing her of faxing the Queen of England with a religious message. Told you she was silly. One of the policemen was a Christian and a perfect gentleman. The other was not. The other was doing all the harassing. God has his people on hand.


“If I faxed the Queen“, says my daughter, “We must be on friendly terms for her to have given me her FAX no., mustn’t we; and if so where is the transmission report?”


I took my daughter down the hill to the central police station and told her to make inquiry. A police woman was in charge (what did I say about the female of the species?) down at the station gave my daughter the run around and when she asked her name she gave her a name that was fictitious. Oh! I got down in the night and prayed. Two weeks later one of the people with a ’position’ asked my daughter is she knew that the policeman that was killed in such a ghastly and spectacular manner was one of the main people involved in the frame up.


When my daughter made a formal complaint, the minister of Foreign Affairs at the time (PLP) informed her that the P.S. reserves the right to run the ministry the way she sees fit. This was because of her very personal private emails that she was receiving form a Caucasian American actor and he wanted her to tell him about at the time. The emails were purloined by the P.S. and shown to him because she thought that he and my daughter were just a little too friendly.


Because of her duties, there was a particular room my daughter had to go in from time to time. One day a florescent light bulb was set up in such a way that it exploded in her face when she opened the door. Eleven years before the identical thing happened to an older cousin who worked in the very same building in the same Ministry. The cousin had to have two years leave and for the two years broken slivers of glass popped out of her face and arms. When it exploded over my daughter’s face, an angel suddenly leaned forward and simply blew between her face and the glass fell harmlessly away. Two weeks later, the same P.S. who was harassing her and stalking me, had to go to China to have her face cut open and the muscles attended to because her face would not keep still.


Because of certain things that went on in the old Foreign Affairs building a woman in old time dress would appear at night when the officer on duty stood guard in the building. She would sweep upstairs and straight through the closed doors. One night she went straight through the defense force officer on duty. They began putting two officers at a time instead of one. More in the book.


The police and defense force officers?

There are the best and there are those who I won’t mention at this time. Let me tell you about the best.


One night I dreamt I saw some one trying to get in my bedroom window as I stood inside my bedroom. The person explained sheepishly that they were being chased by the police. They were evil and guilty.


A few days later a fellow came bounding through the woods with a gun in his band and headed straight for my bedroom window. I told him not a lie like it in the name of Jesus, dashed out of the house and ran after him. Then I heard my mother say in a small voice from the side yard among the trees where she had gone to pray, ‘See one of them here and he has a gun. I flew toward my mother immediately and that fellow started running with the other; so I ran after them both, rebuking them in the name of Jesus as I ran. When the police came through the woods I continued to join them in the chase.



I have seen policemen and women put their very lives on the line and run in the very teeth of danger, not once or twice for you and me. In every law department world wide some of them are witches, but so many more of them are Christians. Even among those who are not Christians, the majority are extremely God fearing. So am I supposed to be a Christian and cower while they put their lives on the line for me and mine? No sir. And what if one who isn’t a Christian gets killed, may God forbid it. Where does that leave me. No sir. And look here that’s somebody’s child, sister, brother, uncle, auntie etc, etc. No sir! We Christians are supposed to pray for them mightily, and support them all we can.


One evening my step father had just said a few disagreeable things to me at my mother’s house. As I stepped outside an angel in the form of a defense force officer appeared smiling in front of me. I stared and spoke to him in utter surprise. He turned beckoning to me to follow him to the large window where we could look through at my step father and the angel pointed at him. He was watching T.V. in the living room.


I stood beside him and looked at my step father. He smiled then disappeared into thin air. He was sent as my defense officer, for things that were and Oh! So much for things that were to come.


Listen! People have been lambasting the police and the government and asking what are they doing about the killing that the young people are doing among themselves. Let me ask this. what are you doing? It’s your children. What type of example are you setting? do you take the name of the Lord your God in vain?

Do you lie?

Do you take what isn’t yours?

Do you sleep with someone else’s wife, or husband?

Do you sleep wit anyone even though you’re not married?

Do you help your child with his/her home work, or just let them struggle alone?

Do you abuse your child?

Do you discipline your child? Or just throw a blow when the notion hits you?

Do you gamble?

Do you do witchcraft, or obeah?

What sort of friends do you have?

Do you sleep with a person of the same sex?


If you do any of these things, then what are you talking about?

Do you pray for the police, teachers and those in authority, or do you instruct your child in violence against authority the way I heard one man do. You train, or don’t train your child in the way you feel and then want to cast the blame on the teachers, the government and the police.


Start praying and obeying God and see if things will change.




I have seen the best and I have seen the worst. First hand.

Some time ago, at the time of my Job-like testing, I was in Princess Margaret Hospital for a bout a week. On the ward all the nurses were good except three. You may meet a nurse who is a little impatient at times; you may meet a nurse who is a little exasperated at times. Bear with her. That is just tiredness, or worry. Nurses are people too. They have private worries and some times they themselves don’t feel well. After Princess Margaret Hospital, I had to go to the U.S. for surgery. The nurses at both hospitals, Bahamian and American, were honestly the best.


The nurses who took care of me were like members of the patients families. They were kind, courteous, loving and even the ones who did not profess to be Christians were very God fearing.


Oh! Did I mention hat those good people from whatever profession were of every nationality and color that you could name, here in the Bahamas and in the U.S.? And it was also true of the wicked ones? Every nationality and color.


But one in particular, who is one of ’them’, was all that you hear about horror nurses. She did nasty little things that was downright unpleasant. One evening as I was bout halfway through my dinner she yelled at me to put my plate down and leave it to be collected. The person who passed out the food roared at her to ‘leave the woman alone and let her eat her food‘. She answered a very mild ‘O.K‘. God is good.


But about two days later she sidled up to my bed smiling with one hand help stiffly by her side. “Come dear, I have to give you this shot of…” I was so surprised at the ‘dear’ that I submitted to it without a suspicious thought. At the time the 2 doctors and the head nurse were making the rounds and were having a discussion. They didn’t dream that anything of the sort was going on. Neither did I until a few minutes after the shot. I realized that I was already given that particular shot two days before an was not supposed to have it again for three months. I will describe what happened to me in one of my books. It is only through the mercy of God that I am still kicking. A week after I was discharged I went to see the doctor and this nurse saw me waiting with my younger daughter. She stood momentarily in front of us, glared with such a look of hate, would not speak when we spoke to her and turned back the way she came. Obviously she was disappointed that I was still alive.


Post office?


There are some of ‘them’ among the good. Any important mail sent to our P.O. Box is either torn open at both corners and then placed into the box or destroyed altogether. Money orders especially.


An important piece of mail was sent as priority mail by my husband, to my daughter. It should have gotten to us in two to three days. We got it three weeks later. This was after we fasted for three days and I got up at four o clock that morning and prayed about it.


Seven attempts were made, on seven consecutive days to pick it up from the courier service but it was not released because they lacked the proper I.D. All of these attempts were made after 5 pm on weekdays, so we assumed that whoever it was had a nine to five job and worked at the post office, thinking that if they said they were from there, it would be released to them without going through the proper procedures. After the third day and the third attempt, a particular woman from Ministry of Education sent an urgent message to my daughter saying that she must report within no later than three days time, directly to her, with two of three forms of identification. URGENT. Her driver’s license and national insurance number or passport.




happened to prevent the identification being placed in that woman’s hand. She was even called out of town to a conference. The day that I prayed and the package was received by my daughter, directly from the courier and not from the post office, she went to this woman to give her the needed items for the verification. And guess what. She had to go twice because the woman told her minions to tell my daughter she wasn’t there. The identification and verification wasn’t so urgent anymore. And know something else. My daughter found out from those in authority that there never was. It was all bogus.


Drivers license department.


‘They’ are there also.

When my daughter went to take her driving test, every time we went and the examiners rested her papers down they disappeared. (We had to go more than twice because of this) We felt sorry for the examiners and we silently began to pray and rebuke. It was straightened out immediately.




‘They’ are in each of the banks.

A movie actor was interested in my daughter. Very much so. She liked him as a friend, but did not think they were compatible. Over a period of time he communicated back and forth with both my daughters and me. We discussed the work that God told us to do which includes making a resting place for Christians on the Eastern Road, because no matter who we are talking to, sooner or later, it gets around to that.


He saw photos of my daughter and between that and all the communication he became even more interested. He sent a private detective to check us out and even had someone call her (to her consternation) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her emails were all being tapped at the time and it all came out when the Minister in a jealous rage who was shown the emails by the P. S. It was at the time he gave my daughter no satisfaction for the gross harassment that she was going through at the hands of the P. S. like I said earlier.


To cut a long story short, the young man said he was going to donate the entire amount for the property for the work of God. My daughter was chary of accepting it since she was not going to marry him. Because she was not accepting any more emails, or any type of communication from him for a very long time she did not know when he sent it.


He was frantically emailing and using every form he knew to contact her but she wouldn’t listen, or read them. When she did see that he said he sent it she didn’t believe him, after all it was a large amount. Meanwhile every bank that we were associated with stopped sending us statements. We didn’t bother to ask for any because we knew what we put in or didn’t put in at the time which wasn’t much, but we began to get strange phone calls from women at the banks asking if we had certain amounts on our account we said no. By the way, all thiese wicked machinations were done by females. I don’t feel as though the managers of these banks are aware of what these woman are doing.


Then we were told by one bank that they were closing out our credit card account. Because we were so far behind. We proved we were right up to date. God saw it was time to make some moves. We began meeting people every where who said they were meeting exorbitant sums on their accounts and being harassed if they touched it. One woman who I met at the court (Oh! The bank had the audacity to take us to court after they cleaned out our fixed deposit, but they did not bargain on the results.)


This woman said that at one of the other banks that we deal with they put $20,000 on her account and told her not to touch it. Those of you out there who this is happening to we would like you to email us please. After so much rigmarole and searching we saw what happened. By the way, when a female sergeant down at CDU sent us to Royal Bank for our records, we were asked why we were refused our records and we were asked in consternation why we brought the police into it. We were told that the police did not need to see



A policewoman walked in at the same moment and I told her to make them give the records to me please. She said that the sergeant should have sent a police with us so that we didn’t have to go back and forth so many times wit a lot of harassment and no results. And oh! The harassment!


Anyway, we are going to deal with it the way we know how. You see this young man didn’t get a word of thanks from us and he probably thinks we took the money and did nothing toward God’s work. If only for that we want it straightened out.’

You see! What they are doing is placing exorbitant sums on people’s accounts until things cool down enough for them to use it. We received one statement so far showing that $88,000 odd was put on and taken off that same day. I am sure they have used quite a bit of it by this time. We deal with four different banks. For what we have seen, people from the four of them are involved. There are also others in those banks who we are sure are not involved.


Now here’s what we’ll do. Read Esther chapter 4:7-17 and chapter 5: 1-3. We’re asking Christians everywhere to pray. That’s all. Just pray for God to straighten this matter out.


Four years ago, I dreamt I saw the Holy Ghost sitting in air, inside the bank. The Cloud of Witnesses were around him in the form of the apostles. He said to me, ‘I came for everyone to give account of the money.’ This was four years ago before there was any money.

Four times I had dreams of this nature. He was so unsmiling!


Ananias and Sappira died in a spectacular way when they tried tricks with God concerning money.


One night during the same time I dreamt I saw the Holy Ghost in the sky with the witnesses around him . They were watching Yashua (Jesus) perform judgment. Very solemn. Yashua was judging four people at a judgment bar on a cloud. The four of them were dressed in black. The verdict was guilty and angels pushed the four people backward off the cloud and they fell headfirst down, down, right through the ground and from there into HELL.


I just now realized that there are four banks. Maybe there are four people at the head of it all. Four years ago, four banks, four people judged by Yashua. And I’ll guarantee they’re women. They have been preached to by me and my daughters so I have no guilt concerning their souls. I give it all to YAHAWAY. DON’T you Christians ever think it is time for us all to be free? And as the son has already made us free then take the freedom!


Now, whatever happens to these people, it is Gods way of dealing with them, don’t blame governments or any one else. It is an act of God!


If you are squeamish or don’t want to join this prayer DON’T! We’re not talking to you. Those of you who are hurting badly enough. Start praying from the day you read this until seven days after. If you can’t kneel, pray silently in your heart. God can hear.


God bless until you hear from me again.





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拥护,婚姻,离婚,再婚; 、結婚支持される、離婚、再婚




上帝由亚当的肋骨做了伊芙。 那未曾改变。 如果亚当与伊芙离婚她仍然打算有他的肋骨。 它不会被拔出并且未被给他。 如果它有,什么将发生在伊芙。

人[Ahdahm]何时决定他想要超过一妻子上帝闪光[Nathan的说法对大卫,直到基督来了一个妻子的主教],但是谁正式地是丈夫的部分通过他的肋骨? 第一个妻子,因为,象耶稣首先上帝说做了他们一。

如我说,上帝对某些情况,因为他是上帝,我们的父母有时闪光了。 他可以做什么他喜欢。 Rahab是妓女,但是Melchizadek等级的基督在地球上被联络了到她的线。

它是正可笑为了一个人能投入[离婚]他的妻子和再结婚,当她活认为他自由时,因为它是为了他能认为他的肋骨可能返回和所有孩子形成婚姻退色入非存在当时给本文; 或者那他可以给肋骨许多个妻子,当他要,每当他再结婚。 如果那逐字地发生了,有很多死者或者完全残疾妇女从缺乏肋骨和,如果每个人有三,或者更多妻子他明显地然后一个接一个地会死。 那个文件只授予解放从彼此的物理存在。

婚姻文件在地球上在手中是给出证明,那的某事夫妇,男性和女性,未婚,在至少二个证人面前同意互相居住,在方式上帝选定了[亚当和伊芙、彼得、保罗、先知等等]之后直到死亡一个或其他; 并且物理婚姻是在仅这生活。

耶稣加入与风俗,每当他们没有相冲突与上帝的命令。 上帝允许摩西写离婚票据,但是耶稣说由于他们的心脏的坚硬,它仅是。

上帝也允许以色列选择国王,在他们坚持之后,那是什么他们想要。 但是他告诉塞缪尔告诉他们什么哀痛陪它一起去。 并且没有与它一起虽则哀痛g ? 并且除那以外,以色列的国君时线是难以置信地短的与他们有想法首先的国家比较。

不因此上帝停止人概括来说离婚,但是看他它助长的键入社会。 在原始的婚姻的每离婚一些人必须是错误的。 离婚不应该必须是。

现在,摩西是法官。 成群外出18:15,16

Jethro告诉摩西得到帮助判断案件。 成群外出18:17 – 24

上帝说; 给她离婚票据。 Deuteronomy 24:1

耶稣说摩西给了他们离婚票据。 标记10:3 – 9

在通奸案件,这是你的保护免受性疾病。 再次这是物理的。 我有似乎告诉他们的妻子的人, `不管我,你必须与我睡觉,因为你是基督徒,并且,因为上帝说什么他未一起加入让人分离地投入’。 所以规则仍然站立。 必须在手中给票据,如果一个人想要阐明,他投入他的妻子。 她从他的物理前进是然后自由。 他不可能性扰乱她。 他放弃了他的权利,并且世界被承认事实。 上帝和人承认此,但是她仍然有他的肋骨。 那不退回他的肋骨。 它只统治物理方面。

保罗说妻子一定对她的丈夫,只要他居住。 因此,一能扣上手铐对警察[警察]和警察不扣上手铐到一个?

说的某人由他们回答了此能采取钥匙和打开手铐,但是那不回答问题。 问题是可能在e扣上手铐对警察没有扣上手铐到一个的警察? 否! 并且丈夫的警察能采取物理钥匙[离婚票据]和打开袖口,但是保罗说有最后词的法官(上帝)高于警察丈夫并且精神上说那,并且根据他的道德他们仍然扣上手铐。

以色列被比作了对做通奸不计其数的时间的上帝的新娘。 Hosea 1:2

但是上帝总是收回了她; 和解她对他自己。 以色列总是上帝的妻子。 既使当她做了通奸上帝会投入她有一阵子然后和解她对他自己。 并且所有以色列将被保存。 罗曼11:26

洗涤,洗涤,原谅,爱护,爱和没有垂悬在她的头的离婚威胁。 被爱的机智永恒爱。 上帝总是有一个妻子。 以色列。 没有姘妇。 基督一新娘。 他的教会。 没有姘妇。 安迪妻子在姘妇的立场其次放自己在上帝的视域。

一夫多妻未在犹太人之中正式地和明确地禁止,直到1000 A.D.,但是上帝的命令关于它未曾被废除。


1]许多子孙的欲望。 [想要许多孩子和在Abhou本




. . .

神はアダムの肋骨からイブを作った。それは決して変わらなかった。アダムがイブを離婚したら彼女にまだ彼の肋骨があることを行っていた。それは引き出されなかったし、彼に与えられなかった。それが持っていたら、起ころう何がイブに。 キリストが司教1 の妻の来たまで彼はまばたきした1 人以上の妻の神が[ デイヴィッドへのNathan の格言] ほしいと思ったが、だれ夫の部分は彼の肋骨を通って公式にあったことを人いつ[ Ahdahm ] 決定したか。、初めの神で言われたイエス・キリストのようにそれらに1 つをしたので最初の妻。 私が言ったように、神は時々ある情況、私達の親に彼が神であるのでまばたきした。彼は彼が好むものをすることができる。Rahab はharlot だったが、Melchizadek の等級だったキリストは彼女のラインに地球で接続された。 それは今文書が与えられることを結婚は存在に非衰退すること彼の肋骨は戻すことができるおよび子供全員を形作ることを考える彼のためであるので彼女が生きた彼である自由考えている間人のためにばかばかしい[ 離婚] 彼の妻置き、再婚するべき、ように公正である; またはそれ彼は同様に多くの妻に彼が再婚する時はいつでも彼がほしいと肋骨を与えることができる。それが文字通り起こったら、あらゆる人に3 があったら、または連続のより多くの妻ある肋骨の欠乏から多くの死者、または物理的に不具の女性が及びそれから明らかに彼によってもまた死ぬ。その文書は互いの物理的な存在からの自由しか与えなかったものだ。 地球の結婚文書は証拠を、それ与える手の何かカップル、男性あり、方法の神が示した後女性、両方の未婚は少なくとも2 人の証人の前で互いに住むことを、承諾した[ アダムおよびイブ、ピーター、ポール、予言者、等。] 1 つの死または他まで; そして物理的な結婚はこの生命だけの間ある。 イエス・キリストは習慣とそれらが神の命令と対立しなかった時はいつでも結合した。神はMoses がdivorcement の手形を書くようにするがイエス・キリストは言った中心の硬度のためにしかそうなったものでなかったことを。 神はまたそれはだったことを彼らが主張した後イスラエル共和国が王を選ぶようにしたほしいと思ったものが。しかし彼はどんな悲哀がそれと共に行くかSamuel をそれらに告げるように言った。そして悲哀g はそれと共にしかしか。そしてそののほかに、それらが初めの考えを得た国家と比較されたイスラエル共和国の君主の時間ラインは非常に短かった。 そう神はそれが繁殖させる社会の一般に離婚している人々を停止しないがタイプする見る。元の結婚のあらゆる離婚に1 つは間違わなければならない。離婚はあることをなるべきでない。 今、Moses は裁判官だった。出国18: 15,16 Jethro はMoses を助けを場合を判断するために得るために告げた。出国18:17-24 神は言った; 彼女にdivorcement の手形を与えなさい。Deuteronomy 24:1 イエス・キリストによって言われたMoses はそれらにdivorcement の手形を与えた。印10:3-9 年 fornication の場合では、これは性の病気からの保護である。再度これは物理的である。私は私と彼がばらばらに置くことを許可した人を。’ 一緒に結合しなかったものをクリスチャンであるので、そして神が言ったので私が、眠らなければならない彼らの妻に言う人、` のようである持っているそれはその規則がまだなぜ立つかである。手の手形は人が彼は彼の妻を置いている示したいと思えば与えられなければならない。彼女は彼の物理的な前進がそれからない。彼は性的に彼女を悩ませることができない。彼は彼の権利をあきらめ、世界は事実の認められる。神及び人はこれを認めるが、彼女にまだ彼の肋骨がある。それは彼の肋骨を戻さない。それは物理的な面しか支配しない。 ポールは彼が住んでいる限り妻が彼女の夫に区切られることを言った。そう、1 つは巡査[ 警官] および巡査に1 にhandcuffed ためにhandcuffed できるか。 言っている誰かはこれにによってそれらキーを取り、手錠を鍵を開けることができる答えたがそれは質問によってが1 人にhandcuffed 警官のない警官e でにhandcuffed できるある質問に答えないか。いいえ! そして夫の警官は物理的なキー[ divorcement の手形] 取り、袖口を鍵を開けることができるが最後の単語がある裁判官(神) がとポールは警官夫より高い言って、それを精神的に言い、彼のモラルに従ってまだhandcuffed 。 イスラエル共和国はfornication の無数の時間を託した神の花嫁に例えられた。Hosea 1:2 しかし神は常に彼女を取った; 彼女彼自身に和解させる。イスラエル共和国は神の妻常にだった。次に彼女が託した時でさえfornication の神は彼女を彼自身にしばらくそして彼女を和解させるために置く。そしてイスラエル共和国すべては救われる。Romans 11:26 彼女の頭部に掛かる離婚の脅威と清潔にされ、洗浄され、許され、大事にされ、愛され、そして。愛されたウィット永遠に続く愛。神に常に1 人の妻がいたあることが。イスラエル共和国。concubines 無し。キリスト者の花嫁。彼の教会。concubines 無し。Andy 第2 妻は神の視力のconcubine の位置に彼女自身を置く。 Polygamy はユダヤ人間で形式的そして完全に1000 A.D. それに関する神の命令が決して除かれなかったが、まで禁止されなかった。 これらは呼ばれたpolygyny 1 人以上の妻の主な理由だった。 多数の子孫のための1] 欲求[ Abhou ベンのように子供の多くがほしいと思う Adhem は彼の種族の増加等。かもしれない] 第1 妻の2] Bareness [ アブラハム及びサラのように] 。 結婚の同盟のために得られる3] 利点。[ Solomon ] Polygyny は妻の大多数である。 Polyandry 夫の大多数。 神の来る王国の彼の格言を説明するのにイエス・キリストは頻繁に結婚を使用した; ない再婚か離婚、しかし結婚。Fornication は結婚を分解しない; どちらも姦通をしない。それは性関係にブロックを単に置く; そしておこるパートナーの禁止。 だれの` をキリスト教の’ 夫が余分結婚関係にあくまでしがみついたか私が知っている年配のキリスト教の女性がある。彼の妻は客用の寝室に彼に移動をし、これの結果として彼がエイズのウイルスの最後の段階に今あるので彼女は彼女の生命を救った。 彼女は彼を離婚する必要がなかったしやがて彼にもはや区切られない。彼女は持つことができる- a. 彼離婚される法的制限および心理的な障壁を置くため それら間。 b. 彼を離婚の法令が付いている、霊歌の客室に行くことを許可しなさい のイエス・キリストの1 つのスポークのように彼に不良部分。Matthew 16:19 私達は神がそれで最も確かに複雑であることを忘れてはならない。私達は彼は置くことを憎むことをのに神言った実現しなければならない彼はまたSolomon によって話し、言われてすべての時間がある。また私達は正しく真実の単語を分けなければならない。II ティモシー2:15 そしてイエス・キリストはfornication のためそれを除いてである言った。 1] はのためにMoses によってDeut 24:1 で離婚の法律許可された 中心の硬度、及びそれはfornication か姦通のためのででなかった 彼女はそれのために完全に投石されよう。 2] 彼女がでつかまえられたらその当時女性を離婚するためにそれらが待たなかった fornication または姦通の行為。彼女は彼女の夫がなかったら投石された 彼女を知り、個人的に置いた唯一の人。 (ヨセフ、メリー; メリーは姦通、かfornication の最中につかまえられなかった、 しかしヨセフは彼女があったことを) 考えた 4] 神はnakedness の問題のためのMoses をしか言った、またはuncleanness は彼女である kosher 法律に関係する問題に注意を払っていなかった。 彼女を置くことを主張したら3] Moses はそれらに手形を書くように命じた 他の理由のために。 5] はすべて1 人を除いてイエス・キリストによって人造の理由取り消された、 Matthew のfornication 。 6] イエス・キリストは事実上言っていた、私はここに知っているあり、慈悲及びモモは互いにPS 接吻した。 fornication/adultery [ 女性によって訴えられるジョン8:6 ] 、しかし代りにあなたのためにもうそうより投石して有罪側を離婚するかもしれなくない。しかしそれは彼が結婚されているつかまえられたウィット、または従事させていた女性かもしれない人がまた投石されたので[ 置く] 離婚及びただ女性のための彼の意味されない彼の唯一の理由である。 必要性があれば女性が今彼女の夫を置くかもしれないことを意味するために離婚の法律の上でなされる人及び人はそれを改めた。それは受諾可能である。偶然それが投石ことをによってそれらのための人をタイプの違反罰する残酷で、不人情な方法だったと何人かの人々考える。井戸は私がこれを言うことを可能にした。私は混合された国籍の若い女性のために前にエイズを引き締めたかだれがある年祈った。彼女は彼女ができるだけ多くの人にそれを与えること誓った。彼女に1 年歳で死んだ赤ん坊があった。赤ん坊のお父さんは、結婚されていた人今死んでいる。彼の妻は今死んでいる。若い女性は今死んでいる。彼女が眠った人の複数は死んでいる。それらの人がと眠った女性の何人か死んで、彼らの夫の何人か死んでいる。 若い女性が知っていたときに彼女はすぐに死ぬ、彼女は誰でも、その時に生き、影響を受けて彼行為頼んだ許しを呼んだ。彼女は彼女ができたとローラーの刃、彼女の自転車に乗り、同様に猛烈に懸命に住むために、生存を用いる時を詰めることを試みる。 女性が去っていたと同時に彼女に訪問者が、彼女あり1 日は彼女の後ろで彼女がゲートに得、すべての女性に彼女力しがみついたと同時に動いた; 断ることは行くために割り当てた。それは恐ろしかった。 私は神に祈りで行き、彼が彼女からの死の恐怖を取ること頼んだ。 約2 週後で彼女の額の神の平和と彼女が穏やかにだったので彼女がGod. Minutes に彼女を後で与えたので彼女が恐れていなかったもう彼女死ぬ死んだ示した。 神はよい、しかしそれはそれに来る必要がなかった。投石はそれのような事を除去した。慈悲は場所を取ったが、ほとんどの人々は慈悲を軽蔑する。 Whosoever はfornication のためである、置き別のものをのcommitteth の姦通結婚する以外彼の妻を; そしてmarrieth が置かれた離れたdoth である彼女姦通を託すかだれ。 今聞きなさい。彼女の夫は彼女から離れたことを言った女性があった[ 彼は信者であるために仮定される] 。よく、彼はいつでも彼がのように感じたことを彼女が彼の妻まだであり、scripture に従って彼が彼女と眠ることができることを主張した。貧しい女性は彼女の心を得ることができなかったこといつでも彼は彼女の家に彼が行くほしいと思ったので解決し、[ 強姦か。] 彼女。 ポールはそれのような人々を知り、従って兄弟か姉妹がその場合のパートナーと眠るbondage にないことを彼は言った。その代り、her/him が未婚の状態に離れて残るようにするかまたは彼等のに仲間を所有するために他に[ 彼/彼女の] 和解させなさい。 私は今継続する場合の知っている。女性はクリスチャンでないが、夫はそうである。彼女は彼女の恋人と住むために彼を残したが彼女が彼を逃す度に家で許可した彼女を家に彼を発注することを行く。彼女はそれから約2 週をとどまるか、または次に彼女の恋人にそう戻る。これを約二度した後、夫に彼女があることを断った。彼女はそれから彼を最も激しく攻撃した。彼は警察を呼んだ。警察は彼女の夫がどうにか彼女をmistreating の習慣にあるかどうか彼に尋ねた。彼女は彼女それからほしかったものがNo. が彼ら彼女に尋ねたことを言った。彼女は彼女は彼女の自由がほしいと思ったことを言った。見る、キリスト教の夫が確実な事であるので彼女は離婚の法令のない彼女の自由が、まだ夫と恋人の間で前後に行けるほしいと思ったが。 若者は30 の7 歳であり、彼は彼の父より古く見る。そのような場合姉妹、か兄弟はそれらと、その兄弟眠るその人にbondage の下にないが、または姉妹は神の清潔及び正義の法律に義務の下にある。 unbeliever 、か信者が去る場合、決定をしなければ、同じ仲間と離れて残り、選ばないために信者が和解するまたは仲間を緩い生命かかわっている住むことを選ぶことを許可しなさい。イエス・キリストは人が彼の妻に裂かなければならないことを言った。イエス・キリストは彼の花嫁が彼がいるところにであるように彼の父の大邸宅の場所を準備している。 離婚のための聖書の共通の言葉はshiluah である発送shah – 妻の発送である。Deut 22 。[ これはギリシャ語でない。それはヘブライ。である] 私達は夫の発送の決して読まない。 Gerushah – 押し出される女性は離婚された女性に適用される言葉である。これは女らしい部分である。男性的な部分はない。 この手形を許可する神はMoses に許可を与えた。ギリシャの誰かに。ギリシャはBabylon の言語の混乱のためにギリシャになった。従って私達は私達の複数の最もよいのに原物に能力を付ける。アンペア時はヘブライの女らしい形態を表す。 SAR – 王子。 サラ- 王女 私に答えたあなたの人々そんなにありがとう。私はあなたの気遣うことを認める。そして平和の神はあなたとある。 国際規格の聖書百科事典からの参照。


莓果喜欢金子;장과는 금을 좋아한다;果実は金を好む


突然,某事来了进来通过窗口。 它是大约八英寸高的; 有四条腿; 看上去象毛茸的头发一圆的吹的头; 二只圆的眼睛、鼻子和嘴。它横跨床支撑了preemptory时尚,走然后在莓果的枕头和在床之后在头。他们什么都没有拔出床,搜寻了,并且发现了…! 血液在被子和板料, I在今后几个月内开始出现于亚麻制壁橱厨房碗柜用杂货,在房子和在最不太可能的地方。
** *

在她可能说任何东西之前,她看了上帝后面,当他下来直接通过天花板立刻,并且站立了在她和Satan之间。 他说的所有是,


Satan如此使吃惊他一瞬间地被困惑了和甚而迷失了方向; 另一方面,但是这样愤怒克服了他他开始投掷火热的箭,设法通过上帝的身体投掷他们在莓果。 她不少时刻后看见了没有直到(她不知道以后多少)。

当她过了一会来了,它仅是在一毫秒,然后她再进入忘却的一种奇怪的类型。 这为夜的一个更加伟大的部分发生了; 并且,每次她走向在那毫秒,她可能看争斗; 这样争斗,那Satan打仗反对上帝为她的灵魂。 (通过忘却她可能感觉战斗。)

上帝没有还击。 他是上帝。 Satan战斗; 凶猛地; 但是什么他投掷了比他投掷它的那努力去做在他与更加了不起的凶猛和速度。





莓果开始经常醒与最严厉的阻塞的夺取起初; 然后它加速了对点,它每晚来在她。 工作7:13 – 15。

她从她的床,给上釉的眼睛会跳,抓住她的喉头和弄出快活和Adina将听见的这样扼杀的声响,来跑并且谴责它。 它将立刻总是出逃与所有速度

它总是将攻击她什么时候睡着和前,直到她是几乎充分地醒的,愤怒地一直谈话与她和设法杀害她,在她可能充分地之前醒或在快活之前和Adina可能醒。 但是上帝总是把他们吵醒并且送了他们到她。

现在,当人是在睡眠和醒来之间时,它是非常容易对`听见’什么不在真正地那里,并且邪魔害怕人,以便他们在冷汗醒也是容易,到处震动。 不要接受它。 莓果在上帝的诺言知道现在,但是在她减弱了并且耗尽了状态,她必须充分地倾斜…,并且他没有出故障她。 所有这些事必须偶然杀害恐惧和死亡威胁。


一怎么在夜以前描述恐怖? (工作7:3 – 5)祷告对上帝,以便早晨将来。 祷告对上帝那天晚上将来。 她的一个孩子在床必须睡觉,如果一个人可能叫的它,用莓果。 并且oh多么小和虚弱她是!

它是否将结束? 它可能结束? 在几个月她不可能适当地祈祷。 她不可能再感觉上帝,并且那是发生了的冷杉时间,自从她开始了她的步行与上帝。 实际上,第一次在她的生活中。

它佩带快活和Adina。 “I-CAN’ T’ – FIND-GOD-ANYMORE”。 莓果在纯然的恐怖将哀鸣。 与她的眼睛大开她会落入黑暗的深不可测的空间。 (工作23:3,工作23 :8)

快活, Adina PRAY-FOR-ME! 然后她会记住上帝怎么说他会绞她象工作…,直到她来了作为金子。


象耶稣,她说让这杯子通过从我Oh我的父亲! OH! 我! Thy将做。 有慈悲在我! 拿着我!

工作有疼痛煮沸。 在她的祖父的葬礼之时在她的手术之前,莓果有煮沸打破我们她象那些在工作。 她知道他们是类型。

“为我很大地恐惧的事是突然产生我”。 这是什么上帝的精神承认工作说,因为他知道其他在

갑자기, 무언가는 와 창을 통해서 안으로 걷는. 대략 8 인치 키 컸다; 4개의 다리를 비치하고 있었다; 모피 머리의 1개의 둥근 분첩과 같이 보인 머리; 2개의 둥근 눈, 코 및 입. 그것은 머리에 장과의 베개에 그리고 침대의 뒤에 그 후에 위에 걸은 preemptory 유행에 있는 침대의 맞은편에 과시했다. 그들은 침대를 떠나지 않으며, 찾고,… 아무것도 찾아냈다! 앞으로 몇달간 혈액은 식료품류를 가진, 집 전체에서 그리고 가장 확률이 낮은 장소에서 부엌 찬장 누비이불 및 장, I에 리넨 옷장에서 나타나기 시작하다.
** *

그녀가 무엇이든을 말할 수 있기 전에, 그녀는 그가 천장을 통해서 똑바로 즉각 내리는 때, 신의 뒤 그 자신을 보고 그녀와 Satan 사이에서 서 있었다. 그가 말한 모두는 이었다,

“대신 싸우십시오 저를!”

Satan는 이렇게 그가 잠시 당황하게 하고 방향을 잃게하 조차 뒤로 가지고 갔다; 그러나 다른 한편으로는 그런 격노는 그가 장과에 신의 몸을 통해서 그(것)들을 던지는 것을 시도하는 불 같은 다트를 던지기 시작하다 그를 극복했다. 그녀는 나중에지 얼마를) 약간 시간까지 더 이상을 나중에 보았다 (그녀는 몰랐다.

그녀가 언젠가 나중에 올 때, 그것은 밀리세컨드 동안서만 이었다, 그녀는 망각의 이상한 유형으로 다시 들어갔다. 이것은 밤의 중요한 부분을 위해 일어났다; 그리고 그녀가 그 밀리세컨드 동안에 올 때마다, 그녀는 전투를 볼 수 있었다; 그런 전투는 그녀의 넋을 위한 신에 대하여, 그 Satan 전쟁하고 있었다. (망각을 통해 조차 그녀는 전투를 느낄 수 있었다.)

신은 반격하고 있어 않아다. 그는 신이다. Satan는 싸우고 있었다; 사납게; 그러나 그가 던진 무엇을 그가 그것을 던지고 있던 그것 보다는 훌륭한 잔인성 그리고 속도에 그에 돌아가고 있었다.

신은 그녀가 그런 외상성 상황의 면전에서 의식적으로 일 수 없었다, 그래서 일어나고, 시작하기 전에 전투는 이겨졌다는 것을 알기 위하여 무슨이 아것이라는 점을 것을 그가 단지 그녀가 이젠 그만이 보게 했다는 것을 그녀 몸이 그런 약해진 상태에서 이었다는 것을 알고 있었다.

조금 믿음의 Oh ye!

동일한 경험을 통해 갈 사람들을 위하여, 다음과 같은 것이 되도록 명확하게 기술될 것이다.

며칠 후 전투는 명령되었다.

장과는 처음에는 가장 가혹한 숨막히는 포착으로 수시로 일어나는 것을 시작했었다; 그 때 그것은 그녀에 매일 밤마다 온 점에 가속했다. 일 7:13 – 15.

그녀는 그녀의 인후를 꼭잡고 명랑하게 Adina가 들을 그런 교살 소음을 내고 그녀의 침대, 윤이 난 눈에서 위로, 오고 뛰어올라 질책한다 그것을 달린. 그것은 모든 속도로 항상 즉각 달아날 것입니다

그것은 항상 공격해, 그녀가 잠들어 있고 마지막 언제 인지 그녀가 거의 완전히 깨어있을 때까지 그녀 격렬하게 그동안 내내 말하고 그녀를 죽이는 것을 전에 그녀 완전히 각성할 수 있을 시도하는 또는 명랑하게의 앞에 그리고 Adina는 각성할 수 있었다. 그러나 신은 항상 그(것)들을 깨우고 그녀 보냈다.

지금 사람이 잠 그리고 잠깨기 사이에서 인 진짜로 거기 있지 않는 무엇이, `에 아주 쉽 들어’, 식은 땀에서 각성한다 그래야 악마가 사람을 무섭게 하는 것도 쉽, 완전히 동요한. 그것을 받아들이지 말라. 장과는 지금, 그러나 그녀에서 국가를 약해지고 고갈시켰다는 것을, 그녀 완전히 기대야 했다… 알고 있 신의 약속에 그는 그녀에 실패하지 않았다. 이 것은 전부 죽음의 공포 그리고 위협을 죽이는 것을 일어나야 했다.

Satan는 이 신앙심 없는 공포로 그녀를 위협하고 있었다 현실화가 그녀에 날이 샐 때, 그녀의 신경은 그녀를 완전하게 사막화했다.

1개는 어떻게 밤까지 공포를 기술할 수 있는가? (일 7:3 – 5) 아침이 올 것이다 그래야 신에게 기도. 신에게 기도는 그날 저녁에 올 것입니다. 그녀의 아이들 중 하나는 장과를 가진 침대에서 사람이 그것을 부를 수 있던 경우에 자야 했다. 그리고 방법 작고 그리고 약하다 그녀가 인 oh!

그것은 끝날는가 것입니다? 그것은 끝날 수 있었는가? 달 동안 그녀는 제대로 기도할 수 없었다. 그녀는 신을 더 이상 느낄 수 없고, 그것은 그녀가 신과 가진 그녀의 도보를 시작할 후 부터 일어났었던 전나무 시간이었다. 실제로, 그녀의 생활에 있는 처음.

그것은 그리고 Adina 밖으로 명랑하게 착용하고 있었다. “I-CAN’ T’ – FIND-GOD-ANYMORE.” 장과는 굳어지는 공포에서 비탄할 것입니다. 제한 없을 것이다 그녀의 눈으로 그녀는 어두운 헤아릴 수 없는 공간으로 넘어지고 있을 것입니다. (일 23:3, 일 23: 8)

명랑하게, Adina PRAY-FOR-ME! 다음 그녀는 그녀가 금으로 앞으로 올 때까지 그는 일 같이 그녀를… 밖으로 짤 것이라는 점을 신이 어떻게 말한지 기억할 것입니다.

그리고 이것은 다만 짜는이었다.

예수 같이, 그녀는 시키 이 컵 통과하 에서 저를 Oh 나의 아버지 말했다! OH! 나! Thy 행해질 것이다. 저에 자비가 있으십시오! 저를 붙드십시오!

일에는 아픈 헌데가 있었다. 그녀의 수술의 바로 전에 그녀의 할아버지의 장례의 때에, 장과에는 우리 헌데 끊기 일에 그들 같이 그녀 위에 있었다. 그녀는 그들이 유형이었다는 것을 알고 있었다.

“나가 매우 두려워한 것을 위해 온다 저에.” 이것은에서 다른 사람이 있을 것이라는 점을 그가 알고 있었기 때문에 신의 정신이 말하는 일에게 인정한 무슨이다

突然、何かは来窓を通って歩く。それは約8 インチ高かった; 4 本の足を持っていた; 毛皮で覆われた毛の1 つの円形のパフのように見えた頭部; 2 つの円形の目、鼻およびmouth.It はpreemptory 方法のベッド、歩かせたそして余分の果実の枕を渡ってもったいぶって歩き、head.They のベッドの後ろで捜され、… 何も見つけられたベッドを引き出さなかった! これから数ヶ月間の間に血は食料雑貨が付いている、家中そして最もまずない場所の台所食器棚キルトおよびシート、I のリネン戸棚で現われ始めた。* * * 彼女が何でも言うことができる前に彼女は彼が天井を通ってまっすぐにの下にすぐ来た、見彼女のとSatan の間に立ったと同時に神の背部彼自身を。彼が言ったすべてはあった、 “代りに戦いなさい私を!” Satan はそう彼が瞬間的にdisconcerted 、戸惑ったこと後ろに取られた; しかし一方ではそのような激怒は彼が果実で神のボディを通してそれらを投げることを試みる激しい投げ矢を投げ始めたこと彼を克服した。彼女は後でかどの位) 時間までのこれ以上後で見なかった(彼女は知らなかった。 彼女がいつか後で来てしまったときに、それはミリ秒の間しかなかった、彼女は奇妙なタイプのoblivion に再度入った。これは夜の大部分もの間起こった; そして彼女がそのミリ秒の間に来たたびに、彼女は戦いを見ることができる; そのような戦いは彼女の精神のための神に対して、そのSatan 戦っていた。(oblivion によって彼女は。戦いを感じることができる) 神は戦っていなかった。彼はGod. Satan 戦っていたである; どう猛に; しかし彼が投げた何を彼がそれを投げていたそれよりすばらしい獰猛性そして速度との彼で行っていた。 神は起こっていた、始まった前に戦いは勝たれたことを知るためものが知るには彼女があまり外傷性の状態の前に意識してあることができなかった従って彼は彼女が十分を見ることを許可しこと彼女の体が非常に弱められた状態にだったことを知っていた。 少し信頼のオハイオ州のye! 同じ経験によって行く次のために、次はできるだけはっきり記述される。 少数の日後で戦いは申しつけられた。 果実は最初にで最も厳しい窒息の握りと頻繁に目覚め始めた; それからそれは彼女のあらゆる夜に来たポイントに加速した。仕事7: 13-15 。 彼女は彼女の喉をつかみ、陽気にそしてAdina が聞くそのような締めつける騒音を作り、彼女のベッド、艶をかけられた目から、来、跳び譴責するそれを走る。それは常にすべての速度とすぐ逃げる それは常に攻撃し、すべての間彼女が眠り、最後いつだったか彼女がほとんど十分に目がさめていたまで彼女に猛烈に話し、彼女を殺すことを前に彼女十分に気づくことができる試みるまたは陽気にの前に及びAdina は気づくことができる。しかし神は常にそれらを目覚めさせ、彼女に送った。 今人が睡眠及び目覚めることの間にある、それは` に非常に容易聞き’ であり、実際にそこにない、人をこわがらせることも鬼がまた容易であり何が冷たい汗で気づくように全体にわたって揺れる。それを受け入れてはいけない。果実は今、しかし彼女で国家を弱め、減らしたことを、彼女十分に傾かなければならなかった… 知り、神の約束で彼は彼女を失敗しなかった。これらの事すべては死の恐れそして脅威を殺すことを起こらなければならなかった。 Satan はこの不信心な恐怖と彼女を脅していたこと認識が彼女で夜が明けたときに、彼女の神経は彼女を完全に捨てた。 1 つはいかに夜までに恐怖を記述できるか。(仕事7: 3-5) 朝が来るのは神への祈り。夕方が来ること神への祈り。彼女の子供の1 つは果実が付いているベッドで1 がそれを呼ぶことができれば、眠らなければならなかった。そして小さく及び弱い彼女がいかにあったかオハイオ州! それは終わるか。それは終わるでしようか。月の間彼女はきちんと祈ることができなかった。彼女は神をもう感じることができなかったしそれは彼女が神が付いている彼女の歩行を始めてから起こったもみの時間だった。実際は、彼女の生命の初めて。 それは陽気に身に着けていて、”I-CAN’T’-FIND-GOD-ANYMORE からのAdina 。” 果実は硬直した恐怖で泣き叫ぶ。十分に開いた彼女の目で、彼女は暗く測り知れないスペースにころんでいた。(仕事23:3 、仕事23:8) 陽気に、Adina PRAY-FOR-ME! それから彼女は彼女が金として来たまで彼は仕事のように彼女を… 絞ることを神がいかに言ったか覚えている。 そしてこれはちょうど絞ることだった。 イエス・キリストのように、彼女はこのコップ渡から私をオハイオ州私の父言った! オハイオ州! 私! Thy はされる。私の慈悲を持ちなさい! 私を握りなさい! 仕事に痛む沸騰があった。彼女の外科の直前の彼女のgranddaddy の葬式の時に、果実に私達の沸騰破損が仕事のそれらのように彼女あった。彼女はそれらがタイプだったことを知っていた。 “私が非常に恐れていた事のために来られる私に。” これはに他あることを彼が知っていたので神の精神が言う仕事に認めたものである

Espoused, marriage, divorce, remarriage

God made Eve from Adam’s rib. That never changed. if Adam had divorced Eve she was still going to have his rib. It would not have been pulled out and given back to him. If it had, what would have happened to Eve.


When man [Ahdahm] decided he wanted more than one wife God winked [Nathan’s saying to David until Christ came bishop of one wife], but who was officially a part of the husband through his rib? The first wife because, like Jesus said in the beginning God made them one.


Like I said, God sometimes did wink at certain circumstances because He is God, our parent. He can do what He likes. Rahab was a harlot, but Christ who was of the order of Melchizadek was connected on earth to her line.


It is just as ridiculous for a man to put away [divorce] his wife and remarry while she is alive thinking he is free, as it is for him to think his rib could be returned and all children form that marriage fade into non existence at the moment the document is given; or that he can give a rib to as many wives as he wants, whenever he remarries. If that happened literally, there would be a lot of dead, or physically disabled women from lack of a rib and if every man had three, or more wives in succession then obviously he would die as well. That document only grants freedom from each other’s physical presence.


A marriage document on earth is a something in hand giving proof, that a couple, male and female, both unmarried, has consented in the presence of at least two witnesses to live with each other after the manner God has designated [Adam and Eve, Peter, Paul, prophets, etc.] until the death of one or the other; and physical marriage is for this life only .

Jesus joined in with customs whenever they didn’t conflict with God’s commands. God allows Moses to write a bill of divorcement, but Jesus said it was only because of the hardness of their hearts.


God also allowed Israel to choose a king after they insisted that that was what they wanted. But he told Samuel to tell them what sorrows would go along with it. And didn’t sorrows g along with it though? And besides that, Israel’s time line of Monarchs was incredibly short compared to the nations from whom they got the idea in the first place.


So God doesn’t stop people divorcing as a rule, but look at he type of society it breeds. In every divorce of an original marriage some one has to be wrong. Divorce shouldn’t have to be.

Now, Moses was a judge. Exodus 18: 15,16

Jethro told Moses to get help to judge cases. Exodus 18:17-24

God said; give her a bill of divorcement. Deuteronomy 24:1

Jesus said Moses gave them a bill of divorcement. Mark 10:3-9


In cases of fornication, this is one’s protection from sexual diseases. Again this is physical. I have seem men who tell their wives, ‘No matter what I do, you have to sleep with me because you’re a Christian, and because God said what He has joined together let no man put asunder.’ That is why that rule still stands. A bill in hand must be given if a man wants to state that he is putting away his wife. She is then free of his physical advances. He cannot sexually harass her. He gave up his rights and the world is acknowledged of the fact. God and man acknowledges this, but she still has his rib. That does not return his rib. It only rules the physical aspect.


Paul said a wife is bound to her husband as long as he lives. So, can one be handcuffed to a constable [policeman] and the constable not be handcuffed to one?


Someone answered this by saying they can take the key and unlock the handcuffs, but that does not answer the question. the question is can on e be handcuffed to a policeman without the policeman being handcuffed to one? No! And the husband’s policeman can take the physical key [bill of divorcement] and unlock the cuffs, but Paul is saying that the judge (God) who has the last word is higher than the policeman husband and says that spiritually and according to His morals they are still handcuffed.


Israel was likened to God’s bride that committed fornication countless times. Hosea 1:2

But God always took her back; reconciled her to Himself. Israel was always God’s wife. Even when she committed fornication God would put her away for a while and then reconcile her to Himself. And all Israel shall be saved. Romans 11:26


Cleansed, washed, forgiven, cherished, loved and with no threat of divorce ever hanging over her head. Loved wit an everlasting love. God has always had one wife. Israel. No concubines. Christ one bride. His church. No concubines. Andy second wife puts herself in the position of a concubine in God’s sight.


Polygamy was not formally and definitely forbidden among Jews until 1000 A.D. but God’s command concerning it was never done away with.


These were the chief reasons for more than one wife called polygyny.

1] Desire for numerous offspring. [wants lots of children as in Abhou ben

Adhem may his tribe increase etc.]

2] Bareness of 1st wife [like Abraham and Sarah].

3] Advantages gained because of marital alliances. [Solomon]


Polygyny is a plurality of wives.

Polyandry a plurality of husbands.


Jesus often used marriage to illustrate His sayings of God’s coming kingdom; not re-marriage or divorce, but marriage. Fornication does not dissolve a marriage; neither does adultery. It simply puts a block on sexual relations; and a ban on the offending partner.


There is an elderly Christian woman that I know whose ‘Christian’ husband persistently held on to an extra marital relationship. His wife made him move into the guest bedroom and as a result of this she saved her life because he is now in the last stages of the A.I.D.S. virus.


She didn’t have to divorce him, and soon she will be bound to him no longer. She could have –

a. Divorced him in order to place a legal restraint and psychological barrier

between them.

b. Let him go to the guest room with a divorce decree, but with a spiritual

binding upon him like the one Jesus spoke of. Matthew 16:19


We must not forget that God is most certainly involved in it. We must realize even though God said He hates putting away, He also spoke through Solomon and said there is a time for everything . Also we must rightly divide the word of truth. II Timothy 2:15

And Jesus said except it be for fornication.


1] The divorce law was allowed in Deut 24:1 by Moses because of the

hardness of their hearts, and it wasn’t for fornication or adultery because

she would have been stoned outright for that.

2] Back then they didn’t wait to divorce a woman if she was caught in the

act of fornication or adultery. She was stoned unless her husband was

the only person who knew and put her away privately.

(Joseph,Mary; Mary was not caught in the act of adultery, or fornication,

but Joseph thought she was)

4] God told Moses only for a matter of nakedness, or uncleanness is she

was not paying attention to matters pertaining to kosher laws.

3] Moses commanded them to write the bill if they insisted on putting her

away for other reasons.

5] All manmade reasons were cancelled by Jesus except for one,

fornication in Matthew.

6] Jesus was saying in effect, I am know here and mercy and peach have kissed each other PS.


So no more stoning anymore for fornication/adultery [the woman accused John 8:6] , but instead you may divorce the guilty party. But that is the only reason for divorce [putting away] and he not only meant his for the woman because a man could also have been stoned if he was caught wit a married, or engaged woman.


Man made up divorce laws and man has amended it to mean that a woman may now put away her husband if need be. It’s acceptable. Incidentally some people think that it was a cruel and inhumane way to punish a person for those type of offences by stoning. Well let me say this. I prayed for a young woman of mixed nationality some years ago who had contracted A.I.D.S. She had vowed that she would give it to as many men as possible. She had a baby who died at the age of 1 year. The baby’s daddy, a married man is now dead. His wife is now dead. The young woman is now dead. Several of the men with whom she slept are dead. Some of the women those men slept with are dead and some of their husbands are dead.


When the young woman knew she would soon die, she called whoever was alive and affected by he actions at that time and begged their pardon. She would roller blade, ride her bicycle and live as furiously hard as she could, trying to pack the moments with living.


One day she had a visitor, and as the lady was leaving she ran behind her as she got to the gate and clung to the woman with all her might; refusing to let go. It was horrible.


I went down in prayer to God and begged that he would take the terror of death away from her.


About two weeks later as she was dying she calmly stated that she was not afraid anymore because she had given over to God. Minutes later she died with the peace of God on her brow.


God is good, but it didn’t have to come to that. Stoning eliminated things like that. Mercy took its place, but most people scorn mercy.


Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery; and who marrieth her that is put away doth commit adultery.


Now listen. There was a woman who said her husband had separated from her [he is supposed to be a believer]. Well, he claimed that she was still his wife and according to scripture he could sleep with her any time he felt like. That poor woman could not get her mind settled because at any time he wanted he would go to her house and [rape?] her.


Paul knew people like that and so he said a brother or sister is not in bondage to sleep with the partner in that case. Instead, let her/him remain apart in an unmarried state, or else be reconciled to their [his/her] own mate.


I know of a case going on now. The woman is not a Christian, but the husband is. She left him to live with her lover, but every time she misses him she goes back home ordering him to let her back in the house. She would then stay about two weeks or so then return to her lover. After doing this about twice, the husband refused to have her back. She then attacked him most violently. He called the police. The police asked he if her husband is in the habit of mistreating her in any way. She said no. they asked her what did she want then. She said she wanted her freedom. You see, she wanted her freedom without a divorce decree, but to be able to still go back and forth between husband and lover because Christian husband is a sure thing.


The young man is thirty seven years old and he looks older than his father. In such cases a sister, or brother is not under bondage to that person to sleep with them, but that brother, or sister is under obligation to God’s law of cleanliness and righteousness.


If an unbeliever, or a believer leaves, the believer must make the decision to remain apart, or be reconciled with the same mate and not choose, or allow one’s mate to choose to live a loose life where they are concerned. Jesus said a man must cleave to his wife. Jesus is preparing a place in his father’s mansion so that his bride may be where he is.


The common term in the Bible for divorce is shiluah is shah – the sending away of a wife. Deut 22. [This is not Greek. It is Hebrew.] We never read of a sending away of a husband.


Gerushah – the woman thrust out is the term applied to a divorced woman. This is the feminine part. The masculine part is not found.


God gave permission to Moses to allow this bill. No to someone in Greece. Greece became Greece because of Babylon’s confusion of languages. Therefore we will stick to the original to the best of our several ability. Ah represents the feminine form in Hebrew.

Sar – prince.

Sarah – princess


Thank you so much those of you who have answered me. I appreciate your caring. And the God of peace shall be with you.



References from the international standard Bible encyclopedia.

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