Afraid of knives or guns?

Isa 54:17   No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper;

 AFRAID? of knives or guns? 

One night when we were abed

A man came to kill us with lead.

Our Angel cried, “Pray!”

We did, right away:

Oh!  The man? Crazy, naked, then…DEAD! 

This happened one night to my children and me.  Read on. 

Did you know that you never have to worry about mundane things like being stuck with a knife; or shot; or any of these horrors that chooses to cross ones mind all in a sudden.  You see, it’s like this Job Chapter 18 verses 5, 11, and 14

Job 18:5   Yea, the light of the wicked shall be put out, and the spark of his fire shall not shine.
Job 18:11   Terrors shall make him afraid on every side, and shall drive him to his feet.
Job 18:14   His confidence shall be rooted out of his tabernacle, and it shall bring him to the king of terrors.

 That is for the wicked.  Not you.  This is you. Isaiah Chapter 26 verse 3

Isa 26:3   Thou wilt keep [him] in perfect peace, [whose] mind [is] stayed [on thee]: because he trusteth in thee. (JEHOVAH)

 God is your JEHOVAH-ROHI meaning Jehovah your shepherd.

There was a preacher, some years ago who was a member of my family by marriage.  He belonged to a very powerful drug ring and witch’s coven, and he took umbrage against the fact that I and my two daughters, one eleven years old and one fifteen years old could repeatedly settle his hash by praying and like Elisha, with the king of Syria, be able to tell what they planned even in their inner chambers. 

So they sent hit men to kill us and spirits to scare us.  This is about the first man.  He was religious by day and a devilish murderer by night, with a history of putrid witchcraft. 

For a full year he tried to surprise us at odd hours of the night, coming through the woods at the back of the house, but God our Father would always send an angel to wake us.  I explained to the murderer the way of salvation.  He spurned it.   

One day in particular we were fasting about this torment and as evening began to draw in I looked at the dipping sun and said,“Father, I pray you send Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

 We went to bed at about nine thirty that night and I prayed quietly, but earnestly to God, until I too like Merrily and Adina, dropped off to sleep. 

About two a.m. an angel hovered over my bed and with his hand on my shoulder said quietly, but urgently ‘wake up, he’s coming!  Wake the children and you three repeat the ninety-first psalm. I could hear the hit man crashing through the dry leaves and bush I the woods and coming toward the house.  I woke the girls immediately and we started reciting the ninety-first psalm. 

As the villain approached the front door, we could hear determination in his rushing.  But at the moment, a lion roared and the house shook.  we sat on the edges of OUR BEDS and did not move!  what lion? where?  how?  the lion of the tribe of judah!   


We waited. Nothing.  After about ten minutes we went back to bed. The girls simply closed their eyes and sailed off to sleep; and there the angel was again. He said to me ‘don’t go to sleep.  He’s coming back.’  Then I heard the angry crashing from the direction of the woods again. 

I didn’t take it in at the time because so much was happening, but it could only mean that the roaring of the Lion some how transported the would-be murderer back in the woods. 

As he approached the front door I heard, and sensed as though I was seeing through the door, two giant hands picked him up and threw him violently through the air past the house and back into the woods.  He was found some time later stark naked, crazy and raving.  He died three days later. 

The second man came.   I warned him also, told him of salvation and reminded him of what happened to the first man.  He didn’t even bother to answer.  He kept coming. 

One day he simply went down the street, lay down on the side of the road and blood gushed from his nostrils and his mouth.   A friend of mine lived nearby and she frantically ran in the house, made a cup of tea and tried to pour it in his mouth because in her horrible state she could think of nothing else.  He drowned on his blood and was dead in minutes. 

The Satyr and Shadow Man and his dog were two of the vicious spirits that were sent after us.  These we have conquered through Christ our kinsmen-redeemer.  god is good!  by his grace we’ll talk again. berry

(this is a condensed version of what happened.  A full version will be published in our second book later this year.  It will be “Fox Hill Parade II)

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