I see the need for fulfilment as well as fun in this world. 

There are so many people searching for themselves and the truth that I feel the need to reach out and help.

By writing my books and plays, I hope to reach out to the entire world!  Helping those in need no matter how hard.  The world was not made to house only jelllyfish!

The following are two excerpts from Fox Hill Parade…again, the second book in the series, which will be available some time later this year. “She put the clock between the Bible for him.”  Said his mother.“Aren’t you going to pray for him then?”  asked Berry.“That’s too much trouble.”  Was the reply. *    *    *    * Berry dreamt it was nighttime and Wisdom, a lovely lady, fully clothed came down out of the sky, sitting on a large, brilliant crescent moon holding on to two ropes as though it was a swing.  Simultaneously, Jezebel of old, sky clad, came down in the same manner.  Jezebel said to a female demon whose name was Alexandria, “Make him work ‘til he forgets God.”  Wisdom turned to Berry, “I will have to feed him.”  She said.  They were speaking of Berry’s husband. *    *    *    * This book is a book of deliverance, not one of condemnation.     It is to show that whether it is husband, brother, baby boys, father or any other male kin, or friend, there is a balm in Gilead…and it works; and there is a God in Israel….spiritual and physical Israel.     Pray for them.  NEVER LET THEM GO except to leave them in the hands of God.  Jezebel will take whomever you don’t want.  DON’T CARE WHAT they may have done, stop thinking about it and give it to God.  Six months later look at the difference.  GOD IS GOOD! Fox Hill Parade     In old times, Fox Hill was famous for ‘sperrids’, ghosts and obeah.     In modern times in Fox Hill village, they still walk in a contemporary setting, same witchcraft (known as obeah) same bondage; but now there is deliverance.  These are true stories taken from the lives of Fox Hill saints and sinners alike, past and present, dead and living.  Horror stories will seem tame beside these hair raising stories contained in the book ‘Fox Hill Parade’ because they are true, but the miracles far out weigh the horror.  The answer is here. Fox Hill Parade…again     This is the year of deliverance.  Have you noticed personality changes in husbands, wives, mothers, fathers, friends, etc. for the worse?  Hold onto them, don’t let them go.  The answer is here! If you are interested in purchasing ‘Fox Hill Parade’, we are all out right now unfortunately.  We will order a reprint soon.  Feel free to ask questions or give comments.  

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