Shua 2325 B.C.-1625 B.C.

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Reclaim Your Stolen Goods

Hear me!

this is a worldwide call to Christians internationally to join in a week of prayer for deliverance from some of the most lethal demonic forces.


These forces are targeting God fearing people and especially medical workers, law officers, government workers and people in authority in a reckless and most relentless manner.


Esther had to call for a fast by all the people of god because Satan used Haman to plan the annihilation of all of God’s people. But Mordecai told Esther she was come to the kingdom for such a time as this. And so it was . So it was.


Now at this time, every child of God, for such a time as this.


In every work place, in every position, there are people most evil. The majority of these people, if not all, deal in witchcraft. They would lie, steal, murder, destroy and do anything else that they want to if no one stops them. We will by the grace of Yashua (Jesus) stop them. Esther did. So did Deborah (judges Chapter 4).


I am a woman, and I tell you right now the majority of these people are females, and as we know, they are the most deadly of the species.


I have seen the Heathen rage, angels intervene and death walk.

I have seen -:

A spirit enter my house by an upper window and kill my cat because he couldn’t kill me or my two daughters.


A pregnant girl who was a witch and whose family has a history of witchcraft, come to my front door at three o’clock in the morning with an old fashioned flit can filled with two types of embalming fluid mixed with witchcraft. She sprayed it through the cracks around the door. This was five days after I had a dream that she would do it.


A woman, a witch who was hired to put witchcraft at an angle of my house where my bedroom met my daughters bedroom. To her chargin, I intercepted her. Needless to say there was flurry of excitement.


A coven or witches met to send spirits after every male that came to build my house or work in my yard. My daughters and I ended up building it ourselves. And like Nehemiah, we had to work with our ‘swords’ by our sides. We’re writing a book.


Until we understood and acknowledged what they were doing and prayed against it, rebuking also , most of the men died the most ghastly and unusual deaths.


I had never slept with anyone until I married my husband. Although he knew this he believed it and flipped when I went home form the U.S.A. to build our house because someone started telling everyone that I was having an affair with a seventeen year old boy. I wrote a real serious play about this. By God’s grace it will be enacted near the end of the year.


Do you have a stepparent?

My stepfather who was a preacher’s preacher had a showdown with me one day when things came to a head. He didn’t have this confrontation as a preacher, but as a witch. He told me this to my face (a male who is deeper into witchcraft than a warlock or wizard is called a witch.) And he was so devious he had every ‘Christian’ out of his congregation on one side and member of his coven on the other. He had himself covered…he thought. Read the book to see his end.



You have to read the book when I have finished writing them in order to understand just what we Christians are up against. Husbands, Brothers, sons, male cousins, male employees are targeted by these female witches all of the time in order to devour them like Jezebel the harlot/witch. Male witches target them to destroy them.


My sister and our aunt shared and apartment in a lovely upper middle class area. A beautiful young woman between the ages of 26 and 27 years of age lived downstairs with her husband and two lovely little children. The husband was between thirty and thirty one years of age, slim, nice looking and very mild mannered; but something was very wrong. All day long he could only sit in a corner with his guitar on his lap and stare straight ahead. His wife had to feed him, bathe him, lead him to the bathroom etc.


Every so often a thickset, seedy looking, woman with a cap on her head would pull up in the yard and enter the young couple’s apartment. This woman would walk in and take the husband by the hand to lead him out to the car. The wife would pull on him, screaming and her mother would help her pull, yelling all the while. A fight would then ensue, with the scrubby, nasty, dirty, seedy looking, stocky, cap wearing Jezebel beating them both, after which she would lead him out to the car, put him in and drive off. A few days later she would return him. She was keeping him in that zombie state by witchcraft. now do you understand why we have to fight for the release of our makles? Is praying harder than crying over them in a coffin? That’s the goal these people try for; death. What do we have to lose by fighting?


Two woman tried something like that with my brother. One an American in Texas, U.S.A. and one a Bahamian in the Bahamas. For pure spite against me, because I told her she was wrong, she tried to defamate my husbands character.


I fasted and then I prayed all night long for two nights running. An angel almost killed her, and on the third night she was so terrified because she knew what would happen that night she called me as the sun was setting and earnestly begged pardon. She is now a Christian. Then with the second one in the Bahamas I prayed again at night when “deep sleep falleth on men.” I asked God to take away her mind for a season, then restore her mind and bring her to Himself. And oh! He did take away her mind lie h e did Nebuchadnezzar. Every time she came to her senses and came by my brother’s house her mind would go from an upstanding and prosperous career woman, she would become a dithering idiot, then a raving maniac. She has stopped. What appalls me is that these females go after these men like the lower animals in heat. Don’t LET them take and eventually destroy your males.


Every male that opened the matrix is Holy to the Lord .


As for the one who came after my cousin. It’s in one of my books. The one who came after my husband? Dear me! It’s in a special book. These books will be published at a later date, by the power of Yahweh. (Jehovah)



. My daughters went to give one of our books to the minister for Youth, Sports and Culture at the time that the PLP was in office. The secretary who recognized them (they know us) informed them in a very rude manner that he was off the island. He wouldn’t be back for a few days. I told them to go back inside and wait. They went back inside and sat down in the outer office. The secretary said very rudely, ‘Why are you all still here? Didn’t I say he isn’t on the island?’

They smiled sweetly, ‘We’ll wait’. a few minutes later he walked in, looking very tired. We were at St. Anne’s school together, and he recognized my girls at once. His eyes lit up.

‘Waiting for me?’ he asked.

‘Yes sir’ said the girls. And they left the secretary there and went into his office. The same Minister Okayed a grant for our 1st book because it came under culture. Mr. ____________ P.S. of the Ministry said he was writing out the check for one third the amount. And this type of thing happened with every Minister we ever tried to contact. The minions would strut around like little nonentities looking for recognition. So no matter what party the Minister belongs to, he’s not necessarily ignoring you. He hasn’t gotten your message.


The job?


When my daughter worked at Foreign Affairs it was full fledged war.

It started when the Permanent Secretary began stalking me. What for I didn’t know. One day I was in the food store talking to a lady when I felt a tap tap on my shoulder. I turned and looked in to the face of the newly appointed P. S. She pointed vaguely in the direction of the fruits on display. Silly. The two who were Permanent Secretaries before her were women to be looked up to, but the things that happened to them were truly ’horrifying and out of this world’!


A few weeks after that the persecution started against my daughter. This same P.S. called in the police to question my daughter on a charge that the P.S. had trumped up. The P.S. was accusing her of faxing the Queen of England with a religious message. Told you she was silly. One of the policemen was a Christian and a perfect gentleman. The other was not. The other was doing all the harassing. God has his people on hand.


“If I faxed the Queen“, says my daughter, “We must be on friendly terms for her to have given me her FAX no., mustn’t we; and if so where is the transmission report?”


I took my daughter down the hill to the central police station and told her to make inquiry. A police woman was in charge (what did I say about the female of the species?) down at the station gave my daughter the run around and when she asked her name she gave her a name that was fictitious. Oh! I got down in the night and prayed. Two weeks later one of the people with a ’position’ asked my daughter is she knew that the policeman that was killed in such a ghastly and spectacular manner was one of the main people involved in the frame up.


When my daughter made a formal complaint, the minister of Foreign Affairs at the time (PLP) informed her that the P.S. reserves the right to run the ministry the way she sees fit. This was because of her very personal private emails that she was receiving form a Caucasian American actor and he wanted her to tell him about at the time. The emails were purloined by the P.S. and shown to him because she thought that he and my daughter were just a little too friendly.


Because of her duties, there was a particular room my daughter had to go in from time to time. One day a florescent light bulb was set up in such a way that it exploded in her face when she opened the door. Eleven years before the identical thing happened to an older cousin who worked in the very same building in the same Ministry. The cousin had to have two years leave and for the two years broken slivers of glass popped out of her face and arms. When it exploded over my daughter’s face, an angel suddenly leaned forward and simply blew between her face and the glass fell harmlessly away. Two weeks later, the same P.S. who was harassing her and stalking me, had to go to China to have her face cut open and the muscles attended to because her face would not keep still.


Because of certain things that went on in the old Foreign Affairs building a woman in old time dress would appear at night when the officer on duty stood guard in the building. She would sweep upstairs and straight through the closed doors. One night she went straight through the defense force officer on duty. They began putting two officers at a time instead of one. More in the book.


The police and defense force officers?

There are the best and there are those who I won’t mention at this time. Let me tell you about the best.


One night I dreamt I saw some one trying to get in my bedroom window as I stood inside my bedroom. The person explained sheepishly that they were being chased by the police. They were evil and guilty.


A few days later a fellow came bounding through the woods with a gun in his band and headed straight for my bedroom window. I told him not a lie like it in the name of Jesus, dashed out of the house and ran after him. Then I heard my mother say in a small voice from the side yard among the trees where she had gone to pray, ‘See one of them here and he has a gun. I flew toward my mother immediately and that fellow started running with the other; so I ran after them both, rebuking them in the name of Jesus as I ran. When the police came through the woods I continued to join them in the chase.



I have seen policemen and women put their very lives on the line and run in the very teeth of danger, not once or twice for you and me. In every law department world wide some of them are witches, but so many more of them are Christians. Even among those who are not Christians, the majority are extremely God fearing. So am I supposed to be a Christian and cower while they put their lives on the line for me and mine? No sir. And what if one who isn’t a Christian gets killed, may God forbid it. Where does that leave me. No sir. And look here that’s somebody’s child, sister, brother, uncle, auntie etc, etc. No sir! We Christians are supposed to pray for them mightily, and support them all we can.


One evening my step father had just said a few disagreeable things to me at my mother’s house. As I stepped outside an angel in the form of a defense force officer appeared smiling in front of me. I stared and spoke to him in utter surprise. He turned beckoning to me to follow him to the large window where we could look through at my step father and the angel pointed at him. He was watching T.V. in the living room.


I stood beside him and looked at my step father. He smiled then disappeared into thin air. He was sent as my defense officer, for things that were and Oh! So much for things that were to come.


Listen! People have been lambasting the police and the government and asking what are they doing about the killing that the young people are doing among themselves. Let me ask this. what are you doing? It’s your children. What type of example are you setting? do you take the name of the Lord your God in vain?

Do you lie?

Do you take what isn’t yours?

Do you sleep with someone else’s wife, or husband?

Do you sleep wit anyone even though you’re not married?

Do you help your child with his/her home work, or just let them struggle alone?

Do you abuse your child?

Do you discipline your child? Or just throw a blow when the notion hits you?

Do you gamble?

Do you do witchcraft, or obeah?

What sort of friends do you have?

Do you sleep with a person of the same sex?


If you do any of these things, then what are you talking about?

Do you pray for the police, teachers and those in authority, or do you instruct your child in violence against authority the way I heard one man do. You train, or don’t train your child in the way you feel and then want to cast the blame on the teachers, the government and the police.


Start praying and obeying God and see if things will change.




I have seen the best and I have seen the worst. First hand.

Some time ago, at the time of my Job-like testing, I was in Princess Margaret Hospital for a bout a week. On the ward all the nurses were good except three. You may meet a nurse who is a little impatient at times; you may meet a nurse who is a little exasperated at times. Bear with her. That is just tiredness, or worry. Nurses are people too. They have private worries and some times they themselves don’t feel well. After Princess Margaret Hospital, I had to go to the U.S. for surgery. The nurses at both hospitals, Bahamian and American, were honestly the best.


The nurses who took care of me were like members of the patients families. They were kind, courteous, loving and even the ones who did not profess to be Christians were very God fearing.


Oh! Did I mention hat those good people from whatever profession were of every nationality and color that you could name, here in the Bahamas and in the U.S.? And it was also true of the wicked ones? Every nationality and color.


But one in particular, who is one of ’them’, was all that you hear about horror nurses. She did nasty little things that was downright unpleasant. One evening as I was bout halfway through my dinner she yelled at me to put my plate down and leave it to be collected. The person who passed out the food roared at her to ‘leave the woman alone and let her eat her food‘. She answered a very mild ‘O.K‘. God is good.


But about two days later she sidled up to my bed smiling with one hand help stiffly by her side. “Come dear, I have to give you this shot of…” I was so surprised at the ‘dear’ that I submitted to it without a suspicious thought. At the time the 2 doctors and the head nurse were making the rounds and were having a discussion. They didn’t dream that anything of the sort was going on. Neither did I until a few minutes after the shot. I realized that I was already given that particular shot two days before an was not supposed to have it again for three months. I will describe what happened to me in one of my books. It is only through the mercy of God that I am still kicking. A week after I was discharged I went to see the doctor and this nurse saw me waiting with my younger daughter. She stood momentarily in front of us, glared with such a look of hate, would not speak when we spoke to her and turned back the way she came. Obviously she was disappointed that I was still alive.


Post office?


There are some of ‘them’ among the good. Any important mail sent to our P.O. Box is either torn open at both corners and then placed into the box or destroyed altogether. Money orders especially.


An important piece of mail was sent as priority mail by my husband, to my daughter. It should have gotten to us in two to three days. We got it three weeks later. This was after we fasted for three days and I got up at four o clock that morning and prayed about it.


Seven attempts were made, on seven consecutive days to pick it up from the courier service but it was not released because they lacked the proper I.D. All of these attempts were made after 5 pm on weekdays, so we assumed that whoever it was had a nine to five job and worked at the post office, thinking that if they said they were from there, it would be released to them without going through the proper procedures. After the third day and the third attempt, a particular woman from Ministry of Education sent an urgent message to my daughter saying that she must report within no later than three days time, directly to her, with two of three forms of identification. URGENT. Her driver’s license and national insurance number or passport.




happened to prevent the identification being placed in that woman’s hand. She was even called out of town to a conference. The day that I prayed and the package was received by my daughter, directly from the courier and not from the post office, she went to this woman to give her the needed items for the verification. And guess what. She had to go twice because the woman told her minions to tell my daughter she wasn’t there. The identification and verification wasn’t so urgent anymore. And know something else. My daughter found out from those in authority that there never was. It was all bogus.


Drivers license department.


‘They’ are there also.

When my daughter went to take her driving test, every time we went and the examiners rested her papers down they disappeared. (We had to go more than twice because of this) We felt sorry for the examiners and we silently began to pray and rebuke. It was straightened out immediately.




‘They’ are in each of the banks.

A movie actor was interested in my daughter. Very much so. She liked him as a friend, but did not think they were compatible. Over a period of time he communicated back and forth with both my daughters and me. We discussed the work that God told us to do which includes making a resting place for Christians on the Eastern Road, because no matter who we are talking to, sooner or later, it gets around to that.


He saw photos of my daughter and between that and all the communication he became even more interested. He sent a private detective to check us out and even had someone call her (to her consternation) at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Her emails were all being tapped at the time and it all came out when the Minister in a jealous rage who was shown the emails by the P. S. It was at the time he gave my daughter no satisfaction for the gross harassment that she was going through at the hands of the P. S. like I said earlier.


To cut a long story short, the young man said he was going to donate the entire amount for the property for the work of God. My daughter was chary of accepting it since she was not going to marry him. Because she was not accepting any more emails, or any type of communication from him for a very long time she did not know when he sent it.


He was frantically emailing and using every form he knew to contact her but she wouldn’t listen, or read them. When she did see that he said he sent it she didn’t believe him, after all it was a large amount. Meanwhile every bank that we were associated with stopped sending us statements. We didn’t bother to ask for any because we knew what we put in or didn’t put in at the time which wasn’t much, but we began to get strange phone calls from women at the banks asking if we had certain amounts on our account we said no. By the way, all thiese wicked machinations were done by females. I don’t feel as though the managers of these banks are aware of what these woman are doing.


Then we were told by one bank that they were closing out our credit card account. Because we were so far behind. We proved we were right up to date. God saw it was time to make some moves. We began meeting people every where who said they were meeting exorbitant sums on their accounts and being harassed if they touched it. One woman who I met at the court (Oh! The bank had the audacity to take us to court after they cleaned out our fixed deposit, but they did not bargain on the results.)


This woman said that at one of the other banks that we deal with they put $20,000 on her account and told her not to touch it. Those of you out there who this is happening to we would like you to email us please. After so much rigmarole and searching we saw what happened. By the way, when a female sergeant down at CDU sent us to Royal Bank for our records, we were asked why we were refused our records and we were asked in consternation why we brought the police into it. We were told that the police did not need to see



A policewoman walked in at the same moment and I told her to make them give the records to me please. She said that the sergeant should have sent a police with us so that we didn’t have to go back and forth so many times wit a lot of harassment and no results. And oh! The harassment!


Anyway, we are going to deal with it the way we know how. You see this young man didn’t get a word of thanks from us and he probably thinks we took the money and did nothing toward God’s work. If only for that we want it straightened out.’

You see! What they are doing is placing exorbitant sums on people’s accounts until things cool down enough for them to use it. We received one statement so far showing that $88,000 odd was put on and taken off that same day. I am sure they have used quite a bit of it by this time. We deal with four different banks. For what we have seen, people from the four of them are involved. There are also others in those banks who we are sure are not involved.


Now here’s what we’ll do. Read Esther chapter 4:7-17 and chapter 5: 1-3. We’re asking Christians everywhere to pray. That’s all. Just pray for God to straighten this matter out.


Four years ago, I dreamt I saw the Holy Ghost sitting in air, inside the bank. The Cloud of Witnesses were around him in the form of the apostles. He said to me, ‘I came for everyone to give account of the money.’ This was four years ago before there was any money.

Four times I had dreams of this nature. He was so unsmiling!


Ananias and Sappira died in a spectacular way when they tried tricks with God concerning money.


One night during the same time I dreamt I saw the Holy Ghost in the sky with the witnesses around him . They were watching Yashua (Jesus) perform judgment. Very solemn. Yashua was judging four people at a judgment bar on a cloud. The four of them were dressed in black. The verdict was guilty and angels pushed the four people backward off the cloud and they fell headfirst down, down, right through the ground and from there into HELL.


I just now realized that there are four banks. Maybe there are four people at the head of it all. Four years ago, four banks, four people judged by Yashua. And I’ll guarantee they’re women. They have been preached to by me and my daughters so I have no guilt concerning their souls. I give it all to YAHAWAY. DON’T you Christians ever think it is time for us all to be free? And as the son has already made us free then take the freedom!


Now, whatever happens to these people, it is Gods way of dealing with them, don’t blame governments or any one else. It is an act of God!


If you are squeamish or don’t want to join this prayer DON’T! We’re not talking to you. Those of you who are hurting badly enough. Start praying from the day you read this until seven days after. If you can’t kneel, pray silently in your heart. God can hear.


God bless until you hear from me again.





拥护,婚姻,离婚,再婚; 、結婚支持される、離婚、再婚




上帝由亚当的肋骨做了伊芙。 那未曾改变。 如果亚当与伊芙离婚她仍然打算有他的肋骨。 它不会被拔出并且未被给他。 如果它有,什么将发生在伊芙。

人[Ahdahm]何时决定他想要超过一妻子上帝闪光[Nathan的说法对大卫,直到基督来了一个妻子的主教],但是谁正式地是丈夫的部分通过他的肋骨? 第一个妻子,因为,象耶稣首先上帝说做了他们一。

如我说,上帝对某些情况,因为他是上帝,我们的父母有时闪光了。 他可以做什么他喜欢。 Rahab是妓女,但是Melchizadek等级的基督在地球上被联络了到她的线。

它是正可笑为了一个人能投入[离婚]他的妻子和再结婚,当她活认为他自由时,因为它是为了他能认为他的肋骨可能返回和所有孩子形成婚姻退色入非存在当时给本文; 或者那他可以给肋骨许多个妻子,当他要,每当他再结婚。 如果那逐字地发生了,有很多死者或者完全残疾妇女从缺乏肋骨和,如果每个人有三,或者更多妻子他明显地然后一个接一个地会死。 那个文件只授予解放从彼此的物理存在。

婚姻文件在地球上在手中是给出证明,那的某事夫妇,男性和女性,未婚,在至少二个证人面前同意互相居住,在方式上帝选定了[亚当和伊芙、彼得、保罗、先知等等]之后直到死亡一个或其他; 并且物理婚姻是在仅这生活。

耶稣加入与风俗,每当他们没有相冲突与上帝的命令。 上帝允许摩西写离婚票据,但是耶稣说由于他们的心脏的坚硬,它仅是。

上帝也允许以色列选择国王,在他们坚持之后,那是什么他们想要。 但是他告诉塞缪尔告诉他们什么哀痛陪它一起去。 并且没有与它一起虽则哀痛g ? 并且除那以外,以色列的国君时线是难以置信地短的与他们有想法首先的国家比较。

不因此上帝停止人概括来说离婚,但是看他它助长的键入社会。 在原始的婚姻的每离婚一些人必须是错误的。 离婚不应该必须是。

现在,摩西是法官。 成群外出18:15,16

Jethro告诉摩西得到帮助判断案件。 成群外出18:17 – 24

上帝说; 给她离婚票据。 Deuteronomy 24:1

耶稣说摩西给了他们离婚票据。 标记10:3 – 9

在通奸案件,这是你的保护免受性疾病。 再次这是物理的。 我有似乎告诉他们的妻子的人, `不管我,你必须与我睡觉,因为你是基督徒,并且,因为上帝说什么他未一起加入让人分离地投入’。 所以规则仍然站立。 必须在手中给票据,如果一个人想要阐明,他投入他的妻子。 她从他的物理前进是然后自由。 他不可能性扰乱她。 他放弃了他的权利,并且世界被承认事实。 上帝和人承认此,但是她仍然有他的肋骨。 那不退回他的肋骨。 它只统治物理方面。

保罗说妻子一定对她的丈夫,只要他居住。 因此,一能扣上手铐对警察[警察]和警察不扣上手铐到一个?

说的某人由他们回答了此能采取钥匙和打开手铐,但是那不回答问题。 问题是可能在e扣上手铐对警察没有扣上手铐到一个的警察? 否! 并且丈夫的警察能采取物理钥匙[离婚票据]和打开袖口,但是保罗说有最后词的法官(上帝)高于警察丈夫并且精神上说那,并且根据他的道德他们仍然扣上手铐。

以色列被比作了对做通奸不计其数的时间的上帝的新娘。 Hosea 1:2

但是上帝总是收回了她; 和解她对他自己。 以色列总是上帝的妻子。 既使当她做了通奸上帝会投入她有一阵子然后和解她对他自己。 并且所有以色列将被保存。 罗曼11:26

洗涤,洗涤,原谅,爱护,爱和没有垂悬在她的头的离婚威胁。 被爱的机智永恒爱。 上帝总是有一个妻子。 以色列。 没有姘妇。 基督一新娘。 他的教会。 没有姘妇。 安迪妻子在姘妇的立场其次放自己在上帝的视域。

一夫多妻未在犹太人之中正式地和明确地禁止,直到1000 A.D.,但是上帝的命令关于它未曾被废除。


1]许多子孙的欲望。 [想要许多孩子和在Abhou本




. . .

神はアダムの肋骨からイブを作った。それは決して変わらなかった。アダムがイブを離婚したら彼女にまだ彼の肋骨があることを行っていた。それは引き出されなかったし、彼に与えられなかった。それが持っていたら、起ころう何がイブに。 キリストが司教1 の妻の来たまで彼はまばたきした1 人以上の妻の神が[ デイヴィッドへのNathan の格言] ほしいと思ったが、だれ夫の部分は彼の肋骨を通って公式にあったことを人いつ[ Ahdahm ] 決定したか。、初めの神で言われたイエス・キリストのようにそれらに1 つをしたので最初の妻。 私が言ったように、神は時々ある情況、私達の親に彼が神であるのでまばたきした。彼は彼が好むものをすることができる。Rahab はharlot だったが、Melchizadek の等級だったキリストは彼女のラインに地球で接続された。 それは今文書が与えられることを結婚は存在に非衰退すること彼の肋骨は戻すことができるおよび子供全員を形作ることを考える彼のためであるので彼女が生きた彼である自由考えている間人のためにばかばかしい[ 離婚] 彼の妻置き、再婚するべき、ように公正である; またはそれ彼は同様に多くの妻に彼が再婚する時はいつでも彼がほしいと肋骨を与えることができる。それが文字通り起こったら、あらゆる人に3 があったら、または連続のより多くの妻ある肋骨の欠乏から多くの死者、または物理的に不具の女性が及びそれから明らかに彼によってもまた死ぬ。その文書は互いの物理的な存在からの自由しか与えなかったものだ。 地球の結婚文書は証拠を、それ与える手の何かカップル、男性あり、方法の神が示した後女性、両方の未婚は少なくとも2 人の証人の前で互いに住むことを、承諾した[ アダムおよびイブ、ピーター、ポール、予言者、等。] 1 つの死または他まで; そして物理的な結婚はこの生命だけの間ある。 イエス・キリストは習慣とそれらが神の命令と対立しなかった時はいつでも結合した。神はMoses がdivorcement の手形を書くようにするがイエス・キリストは言った中心の硬度のためにしかそうなったものでなかったことを。 神はまたそれはだったことを彼らが主張した後イスラエル共和国が王を選ぶようにしたほしいと思ったものが。しかし彼はどんな悲哀がそれと共に行くかSamuel をそれらに告げるように言った。そして悲哀g はそれと共にしかしか。そしてそののほかに、それらが初めの考えを得た国家と比較されたイスラエル共和国の君主の時間ラインは非常に短かった。 そう神はそれが繁殖させる社会の一般に離婚している人々を停止しないがタイプする見る。元の結婚のあらゆる離婚に1 つは間違わなければならない。離婚はあることをなるべきでない。 今、Moses は裁判官だった。出国18: 15,16 Jethro はMoses を助けを場合を判断するために得るために告げた。出国18:17-24 神は言った; 彼女にdivorcement の手形を与えなさい。Deuteronomy 24:1 イエス・キリストによって言われたMoses はそれらにdivorcement の手形を与えた。印10:3-9 年 fornication の場合では、これは性の病気からの保護である。再度これは物理的である。私は私と彼がばらばらに置くことを許可した人を。’ 一緒に結合しなかったものをクリスチャンであるので、そして神が言ったので私が、眠らなければならない彼らの妻に言う人、` のようである持っているそれはその規則がまだなぜ立つかである。手の手形は人が彼は彼の妻を置いている示したいと思えば与えられなければならない。彼女は彼の物理的な前進がそれからない。彼は性的に彼女を悩ませることができない。彼は彼の権利をあきらめ、世界は事実の認められる。神及び人はこれを認めるが、彼女にまだ彼の肋骨がある。それは彼の肋骨を戻さない。それは物理的な面しか支配しない。 ポールは彼が住んでいる限り妻が彼女の夫に区切られることを言った。そう、1 つは巡査[ 警官] および巡査に1 にhandcuffed ためにhandcuffed できるか。 言っている誰かはこれにによってそれらキーを取り、手錠を鍵を開けることができる答えたがそれは質問によってが1 人にhandcuffed 警官のない警官e でにhandcuffed できるある質問に答えないか。いいえ! そして夫の警官は物理的なキー[ divorcement の手形] 取り、袖口を鍵を開けることができるが最後の単語がある裁判官(神) がとポールは警官夫より高い言って、それを精神的に言い、彼のモラルに従ってまだhandcuffed 。 イスラエル共和国はfornication の無数の時間を託した神の花嫁に例えられた。Hosea 1:2 しかし神は常に彼女を取った; 彼女彼自身に和解させる。イスラエル共和国は神の妻常にだった。次に彼女が託した時でさえfornication の神は彼女を彼自身にしばらくそして彼女を和解させるために置く。そしてイスラエル共和国すべては救われる。Romans 11:26 彼女の頭部に掛かる離婚の脅威と清潔にされ、洗浄され、許され、大事にされ、愛され、そして。愛されたウィット永遠に続く愛。神に常に1 人の妻がいたあることが。イスラエル共和国。concubines 無し。キリスト者の花嫁。彼の教会。concubines 無し。Andy 第2 妻は神の視力のconcubine の位置に彼女自身を置く。 Polygamy はユダヤ人間で形式的そして完全に1000 A.D. それに関する神の命令が決して除かれなかったが、まで禁止されなかった。 これらは呼ばれたpolygyny 1 人以上の妻の主な理由だった。 多数の子孫のための1] 欲求[ Abhou ベンのように子供の多くがほしいと思う Adhem は彼の種族の増加等。かもしれない] 第1 妻の2] Bareness [ アブラハム及びサラのように] 。 結婚の同盟のために得られる3] 利点。[ Solomon ] Polygyny は妻の大多数である。 Polyandry 夫の大多数。 神の来る王国の彼の格言を説明するのにイエス・キリストは頻繁に結婚を使用した; ない再婚か離婚、しかし結婚。Fornication は結婚を分解しない; どちらも姦通をしない。それは性関係にブロックを単に置く; そしておこるパートナーの禁止。 だれの` をキリスト教の’ 夫が余分結婚関係にあくまでしがみついたか私が知っている年配のキリスト教の女性がある。彼の妻は客用の寝室に彼に移動をし、これの結果として彼がエイズのウイルスの最後の段階に今あるので彼女は彼女の生命を救った。 彼女は彼を離婚する必要がなかったしやがて彼にもはや区切られない。彼女は持つことができる- a. 彼離婚される法的制限および心理的な障壁を置くため それら間。 b. 彼を離婚の法令が付いている、霊歌の客室に行くことを許可しなさい のイエス・キリストの1 つのスポークのように彼に不良部分。Matthew 16:19 私達は神がそれで最も確かに複雑であることを忘れてはならない。私達は彼は置くことを憎むことをのに神言った実現しなければならない彼はまたSolomon によって話し、言われてすべての時間がある。また私達は正しく真実の単語を分けなければならない。II ティモシー2:15 そしてイエス・キリストはfornication のためそれを除いてである言った。 1] はのためにMoses によってDeut 24:1 で離婚の法律許可された 中心の硬度、及びそれはfornication か姦通のためのででなかった 彼女はそれのために完全に投石されよう。 2] 彼女がでつかまえられたらその当時女性を離婚するためにそれらが待たなかった fornication または姦通の行為。彼女は彼女の夫がなかったら投石された 彼女を知り、個人的に置いた唯一の人。 (ヨセフ、メリー; メリーは姦通、かfornication の最中につかまえられなかった、 しかしヨセフは彼女があったことを) 考えた 4] 神はnakedness の問題のためのMoses をしか言った、またはuncleanness は彼女である kosher 法律に関係する問題に注意を払っていなかった。 彼女を置くことを主張したら3] Moses はそれらに手形を書くように命じた 他の理由のために。 5] はすべて1 人を除いてイエス・キリストによって人造の理由取り消された、 Matthew のfornication 。 6] イエス・キリストは事実上言っていた、私はここに知っているあり、慈悲及びモモは互いにPS 接吻した。 fornication/adultery [ 女性によって訴えられるジョン8:6 ] 、しかし代りにあなたのためにもうそうより投石して有罪側を離婚するかもしれなくない。しかしそれは彼が結婚されているつかまえられたウィット、または従事させていた女性かもしれない人がまた投石されたので[ 置く] 離婚及びただ女性のための彼の意味されない彼の唯一の理由である。 必要性があれば女性が今彼女の夫を置くかもしれないことを意味するために離婚の法律の上でなされる人及び人はそれを改めた。それは受諾可能である。偶然それが投石ことをによってそれらのための人をタイプの違反罰する残酷で、不人情な方法だったと何人かの人々考える。井戸は私がこれを言うことを可能にした。私は混合された国籍の若い女性のために前にエイズを引き締めたかだれがある年祈った。彼女は彼女ができるだけ多くの人にそれを与えること誓った。彼女に1 年歳で死んだ赤ん坊があった。赤ん坊のお父さんは、結婚されていた人今死んでいる。彼の妻は今死んでいる。若い女性は今死んでいる。彼女が眠った人の複数は死んでいる。それらの人がと眠った女性の何人か死んで、彼らの夫の何人か死んでいる。 若い女性が知っていたときに彼女はすぐに死ぬ、彼女は誰でも、その時に生き、影響を受けて彼行為頼んだ許しを呼んだ。彼女は彼女ができたとローラーの刃、彼女の自転車に乗り、同様に猛烈に懸命に住むために、生存を用いる時を詰めることを試みる。 女性が去っていたと同時に彼女に訪問者が、彼女あり1 日は彼女の後ろで彼女がゲートに得、すべての女性に彼女力しがみついたと同時に動いた; 断ることは行くために割り当てた。それは恐ろしかった。 私は神に祈りで行き、彼が彼女からの死の恐怖を取ること頼んだ。 約2 週後で彼女の額の神の平和と彼女が穏やかにだったので彼女がGod. Minutes に彼女を後で与えたので彼女が恐れていなかったもう彼女死ぬ死んだ示した。 神はよい、しかしそれはそれに来る必要がなかった。投石はそれのような事を除去した。慈悲は場所を取ったが、ほとんどの人々は慈悲を軽蔑する。 Whosoever はfornication のためである、置き別のものをのcommitteth の姦通結婚する以外彼の妻を; そしてmarrieth が置かれた離れたdoth である彼女姦通を託すかだれ。 今聞きなさい。彼女の夫は彼女から離れたことを言った女性があった[ 彼は信者であるために仮定される] 。よく、彼はいつでも彼がのように感じたことを彼女が彼の妻まだであり、scripture に従って彼が彼女と眠ることができることを主張した。貧しい女性は彼女の心を得ることができなかったこといつでも彼は彼女の家に彼が行くほしいと思ったので解決し、[ 強姦か。] 彼女。 ポールはそれのような人々を知り、従って兄弟か姉妹がその場合のパートナーと眠るbondage にないことを彼は言った。その代り、her/him が未婚の状態に離れて残るようにするかまたは彼等のに仲間を所有するために他に[ 彼/彼女の] 和解させなさい。 私は今継続する場合の知っている。女性はクリスチャンでないが、夫はそうである。彼女は彼女の恋人と住むために彼を残したが彼女が彼を逃す度に家で許可した彼女を家に彼を発注することを行く。彼女はそれから約2 週をとどまるか、または次に彼女の恋人にそう戻る。これを約二度した後、夫に彼女があることを断った。彼女はそれから彼を最も激しく攻撃した。彼は警察を呼んだ。警察は彼女の夫がどうにか彼女をmistreating の習慣にあるかどうか彼に尋ねた。彼女は彼女それからほしかったものがNo. が彼ら彼女に尋ねたことを言った。彼女は彼女は彼女の自由がほしいと思ったことを言った。見る、キリスト教の夫が確実な事であるので彼女は離婚の法令のない彼女の自由が、まだ夫と恋人の間で前後に行けるほしいと思ったが。 若者は30 の7 歳であり、彼は彼の父より古く見る。そのような場合姉妹、か兄弟はそれらと、その兄弟眠るその人にbondage の下にないが、または姉妹は神の清潔及び正義の法律に義務の下にある。 unbeliever 、か信者が去る場合、決定をしなければ、同じ仲間と離れて残り、選ばないために信者が和解するまたは仲間を緩い生命かかわっている住むことを選ぶことを許可しなさい。イエス・キリストは人が彼の妻に裂かなければならないことを言った。イエス・キリストは彼の花嫁が彼がいるところにであるように彼の父の大邸宅の場所を準備している。 離婚のための聖書の共通の言葉はshiluah である発送shah – 妻の発送である。Deut 22 。[ これはギリシャ語でない。それはヘブライ。である] 私達は夫の発送の決して読まない。 Gerushah – 押し出される女性は離婚された女性に適用される言葉である。これは女らしい部分である。男性的な部分はない。 この手形を許可する神はMoses に許可を与えた。ギリシャの誰かに。ギリシャはBabylon の言語の混乱のためにギリシャになった。従って私達は私達の複数の最もよいのに原物に能力を付ける。アンペア時はヘブライの女らしい形態を表す。 SAR – 王子。 サラ- 王女 私に答えたあなたの人々そんなにありがとう。私はあなたの気遣うことを認める。そして平和の神はあなたとある。 国際規格の聖書百科事典からの参照。