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God made Eve from Adam’s rib. That never changed. if Adam had divorced Eve she was still going to have his rib. It would not have been pulled out and given back to him. If it had, what would have happened to Eve.


When man [Ahdahm] decided he wanted more than one wife God winked [Nathan’s saying to David until Christ came bishop of one wife], but who was officially a part of the husband through his rib? The first wife because, like Jesus said in the beginning God made them one.


Like I said, God sometimes did wink at certain circumstances because He is God, our parent. He can do what He likes. Rahab was a harlot, but Christ who was of the order of Melchizadek was connected on earth to her line.


It is just as ridiculous for a man to put away [divorce] his wife and remarry while she is alive thinking he is free, as it is for him to think his rib could be returned and all children form that marriage fade into non existence at the moment the document is given; or that he can give a rib to as many wives as he wants, whenever he remarries. If that happened literally, there would be a lot of dead, or physically disabled women from lack of a rib and if every man had three, or more wives in succession then obviously he would die as well. That document only grants freedom from each other’s physical presence.


A marriage document on earth is a something in hand giving proof, that a couple, male and female, both unmarried, has consented in the presence of at least two witnesses to live with each other after the manner God has designated [Adam and Eve, Peter, Paul, prophets, etc.] until the death of one or the other; and physical marriage is for this life only .

Jesus joined in with customs whenever they didn’t conflict with God’s commands. God allows Moses to write a bill of divorcement, but Jesus said it was only because of the hardness of their hearts.


God also allowed Israel to choose a king after they insisted that that was what they wanted. But he told Samuel to tell them what sorrows would go along with it. And didn’t sorrows g along with it though? And besides that, Israel’s time line of Monarchs was incredibly short compared to the nations from whom they got the idea in the first place.


So God doesn’t stop people divorcing as a rule, but look at he type of society it breeds. In every divorce of an original marriage some one has to be wrong. Divorce shouldn’t have to be.

Now, Moses was a judge. Exodus 18: 15,16

Jethro told Moses to get help to judge cases. Exodus 18:17-24

God said; give her a bill of divorcement. Deuteronomy 24:1

Jesus said Moses gave them a bill of divorcement. Mark 10:3-9


In cases of fornication, this is one’s protection from sexual diseases. Again this is physical. I have seem men who tell their wives, ‘No matter what I do, you have to sleep with me because you’re a Christian, and because God said what He has joined together let no man put asunder.’ That is why that rule still stands. A bill in hand must be given if a man wants to state that he is putting away his wife. She is then free of his physical advances. He cannot sexually harass her. He gave up his rights and the world is acknowledged of the fact. God and man acknowledges this, but she still has his rib. That does not return his rib. It only rules the physical aspect.


Paul said a wife is bound to her husband as long as he lives. So, can one be handcuffed to a constable [policeman] and the constable not be handcuffed to one?


Someone answered this by saying they can take the key and unlock the handcuffs, but that does not answer the question. the question is can on e be handcuffed to a policeman without the policeman being handcuffed to one? No! And the husband’s policeman can take the physical key [bill of divorcement] and unlock the cuffs, but Paul is saying that the judge (God) who has the last word is higher than the policeman husband and says that spiritually and according to His morals they are still handcuffed.


Israel was likened to God’s bride that committed fornication countless times. Hosea 1:2

But God always took her back; reconciled her to Himself. Israel was always God’s wife. Even when she committed fornication God would put her away for a while and then reconcile her to Himself. And all Israel shall be saved. Romans 11:26


Cleansed, washed, forgiven, cherished, loved and with no threat of divorce ever hanging over her head. Loved wit an everlasting love. God has always had one wife. Israel. No concubines. Christ one bride. His church. No concubines. Andy second wife puts herself in the position of a concubine in God’s sight.


Polygamy was not formally and definitely forbidden among Jews until 1000 A.D. but God’s command concerning it was never done away with.


These were the chief reasons for more than one wife called polygyny.

1] Desire for numerous offspring. [wants lots of children as in Abhou ben

Adhem may his tribe increase etc.]

2] Bareness of 1st wife [like Abraham and Sarah].

3] Advantages gained because of marital alliances. [Solomon]


Polygyny is a plurality of wives.

Polyandry a plurality of husbands.


Jesus often used marriage to illustrate His sayings of God’s coming kingdom; not re-marriage or divorce, but marriage. Fornication does not dissolve a marriage; neither does adultery. It simply puts a block on sexual relations; and a ban on the offending partner.


There is an elderly Christian woman that I know whose ‘Christian’ husband persistently held on to an extra marital relationship. His wife made him move into the guest bedroom and as a result of this she saved her life because he is now in the last stages of the A.I.D.S. virus.


She didn’t have to divorce him, and soon she will be bound to him no longer. She could have –

a. Divorced him in order to place a legal restraint and psychological barrier

between them.

b. Let him go to the guest room with a divorce decree, but with a spiritual

binding upon him like the one Jesus spoke of. Matthew 16:19


We must not forget that God is most certainly involved in it. We must realize even though God said He hates putting away, He also spoke through Solomon and said there is a time for everything . Also we must rightly divide the word of truth. II Timothy 2:15

And Jesus said except it be for fornication.


1] The divorce law was allowed in Deut 24:1 by Moses because of the

hardness of their hearts, and it wasn’t for fornication or adultery because

she would have been stoned outright for that.

2] Back then they didn’t wait to divorce a woman if she was caught in the

act of fornication or adultery. She was stoned unless her husband was

the only person who knew and put her away privately.

(Joseph,Mary; Mary was not caught in the act of adultery, or fornication,

but Joseph thought she was)

4] God told Moses only for a matter of nakedness, or uncleanness is she

was not paying attention to matters pertaining to kosher laws.

3] Moses commanded them to write the bill if they insisted on putting her

away for other reasons.

5] All manmade reasons were cancelled by Jesus except for one,

fornication in Matthew.

6] Jesus was saying in effect, I am know here and mercy and peach have kissed each other PS.


So no more stoning anymore for fornication/adultery [the woman accused John 8:6] , but instead you may divorce the guilty party. But that is the only reason for divorce [putting away] and he not only meant his for the woman because a man could also have been stoned if he was caught wit a married, or engaged woman.


Man made up divorce laws and man has amended it to mean that a woman may now put away her husband if need be. It’s acceptable. Incidentally some people think that it was a cruel and inhumane way to punish a person for those type of offences by stoning. Well let me say this. I prayed for a young woman of mixed nationality some years ago who had contracted A.I.D.S. She had vowed that she would give it to as many men as possible. She had a baby who died at the age of 1 year. The baby’s daddy, a married man is now dead. His wife is now dead. The young woman is now dead. Several of the men with whom she slept are dead. Some of the women those men slept with are dead and some of their husbands are dead.


When the young woman knew she would soon die, she called whoever was alive and affected by he actions at that time and begged their pardon. She would roller blade, ride her bicycle and live as furiously hard as she could, trying to pack the moments with living.


One day she had a visitor, and as the lady was leaving she ran behind her as she got to the gate and clung to the woman with all her might; refusing to let go. It was horrible.


I went down in prayer to God and begged that he would take the terror of death away from her.


About two weeks later as she was dying she calmly stated that she was not afraid anymore because she had given over to God. Minutes later she died with the peace of God on her brow.


God is good, but it didn’t have to come to that. Stoning eliminated things like that. Mercy took its place, but most people scorn mercy.


Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery; and who marrieth her that is put away doth commit adultery.


Now listen. There was a woman who said her husband had separated from her [he is supposed to be a believer]. Well, he claimed that she was still his wife and according to scripture he could sleep with her any time he felt like. That poor woman could not get her mind settled because at any time he wanted he would go to her house and [rape?] her.


Paul knew people like that and so he said a brother or sister is not in bondage to sleep with the partner in that case. Instead, let her/him remain apart in an unmarried state, or else be reconciled to their [his/her] own mate.


I know of a case going on now. The woman is not a Christian, but the husband is. She left him to live with her lover, but every time she misses him she goes back home ordering him to let her back in the house. She would then stay about two weeks or so then return to her lover. After doing this about twice, the husband refused to have her back. She then attacked him most violently. He called the police. The police asked he if her husband is in the habit of mistreating her in any way. She said no. they asked her what did she want then. She said she wanted her freedom. You see, she wanted her freedom without a divorce decree, but to be able to still go back and forth between husband and lover because Christian husband is a sure thing.


The young man is thirty seven years old and he looks older than his father. In such cases a sister, or brother is not under bondage to that person to sleep with them, but that brother, or sister is under obligation to God’s law of cleanliness and righteousness.


If an unbeliever, or a believer leaves, the believer must make the decision to remain apart, or be reconciled with the same mate and not choose, or allow one’s mate to choose to live a loose life where they are concerned. Jesus said a man must cleave to his wife. Jesus is preparing a place in his father’s mansion so that his bride may be where he is.


The common term in the Bible for divorce is shiluah is shah – the sending away of a wife. Deut 22. [This is not Greek. It is Hebrew.] We never read of a sending away of a husband.


Gerushah – the woman thrust out is the term applied to a divorced woman. This is the feminine part. The masculine part is not found.


God gave permission to Moses to allow this bill. No to someone in Greece. Greece became Greece because of Babylon’s confusion of languages. Therefore we will stick to the original to the best of our several ability. Ah represents the feminine form in Hebrew.

Sar – prince.

Sarah – princess


Thank you so much those of you who have answered me. I appreciate your caring. And the God of peace shall be with you.



References from the international standard Bible encyclopedia.

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Afraid of knives or guns?

Isa 54:17   No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper;

 AFRAID? of knives or guns? 

One night when we were abed

A man came to kill us with lead.

Our Angel cried, “Pray!”

We did, right away:

Oh!  The man? Crazy, naked, then…DEAD! 

This happened one night to my children and me.  Read on. 

Did you know that you never have to worry about mundane things like being stuck with a knife; or shot; or any of these horrors that chooses to cross ones mind all in a sudden.  You see, it’s like this Job Chapter 18 verses 5, 11, and 14

Job 18:5   Yea, the light of the wicked shall be put out, and the spark of his fire shall not shine.
Job 18:11   Terrors shall make him afraid on every side, and shall drive him to his feet.
Job 18:14   His confidence shall be rooted out of his tabernacle, and it shall bring him to the king of terrors.

 That is for the wicked.  Not you.  This is you. Isaiah Chapter 26 verse 3

Isa 26:3   Thou wilt keep [him] in perfect peace, [whose] mind [is] stayed [on thee]: because he trusteth in thee. (JEHOVAH)

 God is your JEHOVAH-ROHI meaning Jehovah your shepherd.

There was a preacher, some years ago who was a member of my family by marriage.  He belonged to a very powerful drug ring and witch’s coven, and he took umbrage against the fact that I and my two daughters, one eleven years old and one fifteen years old could repeatedly settle his hash by praying and like Elisha, with the king of Syria, be able to tell what they planned even in their inner chambers. 

So they sent hit men to kill us and spirits to scare us.  This is about the first man.  He was religious by day and a devilish murderer by night, with a history of putrid witchcraft. 

For a full year he tried to surprise us at odd hours of the night, coming through the woods at the back of the house, but God our Father would always send an angel to wake us.  I explained to the murderer the way of salvation.  He spurned it.   

One day in particular we were fasting about this torment and as evening began to draw in I looked at the dipping sun and said,“Father, I pray you send Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah.

 We went to bed at about nine thirty that night and I prayed quietly, but earnestly to God, until I too like Merrily and Adina, dropped off to sleep. 

About two a.m. an angel hovered over my bed and with his hand on my shoulder said quietly, but urgently ‘wake up, he’s coming!  Wake the children and you three repeat the ninety-first psalm. I could hear the hit man crashing through the dry leaves and bush I the woods and coming toward the house.  I woke the girls immediately and we started reciting the ninety-first psalm. 

As the villain approached the front door, we could hear determination in his rushing.  But at the moment, a lion roared and the house shook.  we sat on the edges of OUR BEDS and did not move!  what lion? where?  how?  the lion of the tribe of judah!   


We waited. Nothing.  After about ten minutes we went back to bed. The girls simply closed their eyes and sailed off to sleep; and there the angel was again. He said to me ‘don’t go to sleep.  He’s coming back.’  Then I heard the angry crashing from the direction of the woods again. 

I didn’t take it in at the time because so much was happening, but it could only mean that the roaring of the Lion some how transported the would-be murderer back in the woods. 

As he approached the front door I heard, and sensed as though I was seeing through the door, two giant hands picked him up and threw him violently through the air past the house and back into the woods.  He was found some time later stark naked, crazy and raving.  He died three days later. 

The second man came.   I warned him also, told him of salvation and reminded him of what happened to the first man.  He didn’t even bother to answer.  He kept coming. 

One day he simply went down the street, lay down on the side of the road and blood gushed from his nostrils and his mouth.   A friend of mine lived nearby and she frantically ran in the house, made a cup of tea and tried to pour it in his mouth because in her horrible state she could think of nothing else.  He drowned on his blood and was dead in minutes. 

The Satyr and Shadow Man and his dog were two of the vicious spirits that were sent after us.  These we have conquered through Christ our kinsmen-redeemer.  god is good!  by his grace we’ll talk again. berry

(this is a condensed version of what happened.  A full version will be published in our second book later this year.  It will be “Fox Hill Parade II)

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The Satyr Shall Call To His Fellow « Berryrose’s Weblog

The Satyr Shall Call To His Fellow « Berryrose’s Weblog

Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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